Lahore International Children’s Film Festival (LICFF) 2013

Let’s entertain, inspire and educate! It is the voice of Lahore International Children’s Film festival (LICEF) which has aimed at keeping children engaged in ingenious learning opportunities through films. It is more like getting educated in an entertaining mode. Our beloved country Pakistan is going through a chaos which affects the learning abilities of young people. Lahore International Children’s Film festival (LICEF) has introduced children’s cinema in Pakistan which is a new trend and people here will probably embrace the new concept with time.

The little Art (TLA) , a non-profit organization is going to organize the festival in Lahore from 16-21 September, 2013. It is going to be the 5th edition of the festival under the umbrella of TLA. This organization is eager to create awareness among children and young people using art as their medium of expression.

“We use the arts, primarily media, to teach children and young adults to recognize and begin to understand the social issues pervading their immediate community; social issues that prohibit the development of their dreams, ideas and principals”

Lahore International Children’s Film festival (LICEF) is our own country’s platform which encourages local filmmakers to take part in the festival. They have received almost 400 entries from 35 countries and have selected 94 films from 27 countries. LICEF wants more and more local representation from within the country. A visual art is the most effective medium of teaching children and making them comprehend the situation. It enhances their learning skills and learns new concepts and ideas in an entertaining way whose effects are long lasting.

The festival will be last for 6 days at Alhamra Cultural Complex, Qaddafi Stadium, Lahore in cooperation of Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs, Government of Punjab. Chief Minister Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Shareef has expressed his joy regarding LICEF in the following words;

“I hope that LICFF will promote inspiration among children and youth and broaden their horizons for tolerance and peace.”

The Little Art (TLA) is going to organize ArtBeat , that is a national art competition. Festival director, Shoaib Iqbal told in an interview,

“ArtBeat is a visual arts project to raise awareness about identity, rights, and social justice among children and youth.”

With the theme “Me/My Rights”. Children from age 3-18 have already submitted their work from all over Pakistan. Winners will enjoy 30 different prizes and two awesome artists will enjoy Sharjah International Biennial for Children’s Arts TLA will sponsor them. LICEF is giving our children, young people their parents and teachers to make them take full advantage of this festival and become an aware citizen.


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