Indian Company to Launch Abida Parveen New Album

The queen of “sufi kalam” Abida Parveen may be out of touch in Pakistani media but she is very busy in her concerts and function abroad. Abida no only have fans in Pakistan but she have fan following all over the world. Her majestic voice not only have win hearts of those who understand her language but through the language of music she had made many fans who just loves the spirituality and deepness of her voice. Abida’s unique voice has given her a special edge above all other sufi singers.

Recently Abida is on tour of England where is has to perform live in a concert as she was participating in a international festival in Manchester. Its been also said that Abida is waiting for her new audio album “Roye Ali” which is going to be released by an Indian company. Abida has got many fans in India, but i would rather say die hard fans in India. “Roye Ali” totally consists of Sufi tracks. well that will be a gift for Sufi music lovers. The album is not an ordinary one, its also been said that the Indian company which will release this album is going to organize a mega function for launching and publicity of the album.

Abida is very excited about release of this album and its grand opening ceremony. Its been a long time since we have heard some fresh songs of Abida so it will be a great gift to listen a whole new and fresh album of her.Sufi music isn’t heard by many of the youngsters but once one get the real essence of Sufi music then its hard to get rid of it. Lets hope that this album become a great success for Abida Parveen and great source of entertainment for the listeners.


Faisal Sardar

Faisal Sardar is an Electronics Engineer at Colony Mills limited, Multan. He is also co-founder of this project.


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