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Kashmala Tariq Journalist Scandal

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 02/04/2013)

Kashmala Tariq is known to attract media’s attention every now and then through her scandals. Some of the scandals she has been allegedly involved in include the following. Her rude behavior with a journalist representing Dawn News has been a famous video over the internet. The journalist asked her a question about an explanation letter being given to her by Muslim League Hamkhayal’s leader Salim Saifullah that inquires her usage of Media and Management funds where she took Rs.850000 for the lists. She became infuriated and her behavior became very rude to the Dawn News reporter Aizaz Saeed. She asked the cameraman to shut the camera down otherwise she’ll punch it and break it. Even she asked her security guard to hold the cameraman while she managed to escape in her jeep.
Kashmala Tariq was also involved in a phone call scandal where she was alleged of talking in a very romantic mood to fellow politician Humayun Akhtar Khan. Although the authenticity of the recorded call is still doubtful but the video of this call has been a popular item on internet and listened by many people.

She is involved in a big number of other scandals ranging from objectionable dressing on US beach on Government expenses, Hajj scandal where she took Hajis` to Hajj on Government quota and charged each Haji Rs.450000 and after the Government announced that some money will be returned to Hajis` she kept the returned money to herself. FIA is working on that case although Kashmala denied these charges against her.
And who can forget Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan’s famous dialogue where she openly called Kashmala a product of bed politics introduced by Pervez Musharaf. Kashmala was not only present there but the program was live on air with Javed Chaudhary hosting the program.
She recently ranked 8th in a survey for most glamorous women politicians of the world which was being conducted by an Indian newspaper “India Today”.
The scandals she has been involved in might be an attempt to malign her reputation but the fact that is worth mentioning is that she has not been able to clear her stance in a strong manner and anyone can be forced to think that there is some truth behind these charges against her.
Kashmala Tariq Journalist Scandals:

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