Meera Thinks Allama Iqbal Wrote National Anthem of Pakistan

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 19/12/2013)

Meera is once again in the limelight. Her comedy type English was all over Facebook and people were making jokes about her English and sending it via SMS.

The latest about Meera being, she thinks Allama Iqbal was the one who wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan.

She was addressing a press conference in Lahore and she said that she is working on a serious and mega project of building a hospital. People make fun of my statements but I did not take it seriously and I take the fun lightly.

Now the part that blew everything up was when she said that Allama Iqbal seriously dreamed about Pakistan and he wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan and Pakistan came into being. She said that I’m dreaming about constructing the hospital seriously and I will be successful in making my dream come true.

While talking to the journalists in the press conference, she indicated that the journalists should use their pen for correct and constructive purposes so that I might be able to construct the hospital.

She further mentioned Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif that he is a person who has feelings for the poor and he is always the torch bearer for wellbeing of the poor. She appealed to Shahbaz Sharif to provide her with 10 Acres of land in Lahore so that she could start construction of the hospital as soon as possible.

She told the media that 52 thousand US Dollars are already been collected from USA and Pakistani community in USA have promised her to provide 2 million dollars in coming years during the construction of the hospital.

Watch the video below to see gimmicks of Meera where she said Allama Iqbal wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan.

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