Online Pakistani School & College Girls Pics and Photos Misuse

While using Facebook, most of us would have encountered Sponsored Advertisements which show titles such as Pakistani Girls Pictures collection, Pakistani girls’ photos and some other titles which are not decent at all. The image is not decent at all majority of the time. When you click on that advertisement, you are surprised to see a huge gallery of girls who are not modelling. They are the girls who seem to belong to normal families or even high class fashionable families. Intention of the pictures quite clearly is not to show them off on internet. They are just like snapped for friends and family and sometimes are very casual and private.

The number of such websites is quite huge. One wonders where these websites get these pictures from and how they do it quite regularly. These pictures are unethical and shameful most of the time and include pictures of girls from almost upper to lower class in Pakistan.

Before the start of the social media and social networking, such things were not common. As the dynamic world of web has evolved at a rapid pace in the last 3-5 years, such websites have been evolving and are grooming rapidly. The traffic to these websites is massive and these websites are getting popular. The terms “Pakistani Girls Picture” and “Pakistani Girls Number” are two of the most popular search terms on internet these days as far as Pakistani traffic is concerned.

It seems quite obvious that there are some organised groups behind all this and are working hard on getting pictures from girls. How do they persuade them to give out their pictures for this dirty purpose is rather ambiguous but it seems that when you indulge in friendship with someone on Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking website for a long period of time, you seem to start trusting him/her and as a result this long term friendship result in sharing personal parts of your life with them. This is the area where these guys are really good at taking out the pictures from girls.

Secondly privacy policy of Facebook changes every now and then and a girl might not know who can see her pictures. Most of us want to use Facebook but do not keep in touch with the updates in order to be safe.

Another popular method of getting pictures of the girls are when mobile phones are stolen from girls and they have data in the mobile memory card consisting of a lot of videos and pictures of not only her own family and hers, but also a lot of her friends on different occasions.

Third method is when the mobile phone used by a girl is sold and she has deleted the stuff in the memory card but she did not format the memory card. In such case the data is restored by using different software and then published on the internet.

How to avoid this problem? It’s easy, don’t use your real pictures on Facebook, when you use a mobile phone, learn how to properly format it before you hand over the memory card to someone for any purpose and make sure you don’t leave any private data in your mobile phone for a very long time as it can get lost or can be stolen.

If you happen to find your picture on internet, you can file a complaint with Pakistan Telecommunication Authority by visiting their website.

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