Shan & Nargis Movie Banned by Censor Board Due to Bluff

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(Last Updated On: 10/08/2013)

Film actor Shan and actress Nargis movie has banned by the censor board due to bluff in the movie lado rani. Before this, the Pakistani censor board has banned a movie SHER E PUNJAB. The board has scheduled to release the movies but after deciding the date of release the board, many were shocked when many couples of people make different complaints against this movie and then censor board has to ban this movie but now there is again same situation.

According to media reports, film industry workers protested and complaint against this movie, which forced board to take steps. Due to the complaints against, this movie the board has to take this step to ban the movie. There are many cheap tactics made but the producer of the film and the filmmaker has tried to rip off the censor board as well as the audience of the film. These cheap tactics are the hurdles in the progress of the Pakistan film industry. A media person told that The Producer of the film edited old movie “Lado Rani” and tried to get censor certificate as “Sher e Punjab”.  The producer added some scenes in to give a new look of the movie while he also stole some scenes from other movies. The “Lado Rani” was published in 2010 and Shahid Malik was producer of this motion picture.

The manufacturer has tried to contain the certificate of the movie here Punjab that was banned two years earlier from the censor board. He has taken the scenes of the previous movies while this movie lado rani was totally a new movie. The film starred Shan Shahid, Nargis, Saima Khan and Shiloh Hussain. It has not been cleared that either artist were aware from this bluff or not.  Pakistani Electronic media is also not trying to expose this story. There is a news that the artists aware not aware about these scenes and it was done suddenly in the movie but some people are also stating that artists know about the scenes they have a purpose behind all this game. Pakistani media are attempting to overcome this news and media is trying to expose this news.

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