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Sheikh Rasheed Comments About Veena

Written by Faisal Sardar
(Last Updated On: 11/11/2013)

Veena Malik a name which most of the Pakistani’s hate due to her gestures for getting fame and damaging the image of Pakistan. She really was once heart beat of many Pakistani due to her extreme talents. Veena really proved herself extremely talented when she was performing in a program of GEO news by the name of Hum Sab Umeed Sy Hain but now she is one of the most hatred personality of Pakistan.
Veena got so low that even politicians started hating her and commented against her and everybody knows that politicians don’t give  negative comment about such personalities as lots of other people are associated with such celebrities and many of them are die hard fans of stars and many decisions of their life are related to their favourtie super stars. But Veena has shattered the patience of politician like Sheikh Rasheed. Sheikh Rasheed was asked in a program about Veena claim that he had offered her a cup of coffee.
In reply of that Sheikh Rasheed got very angry and said that he hates Veena Malik not because she had spread a self created rumour but because she has damaged the image of Pakistan badly all over the world. Sheikh Rasheed was of the veiw that whenever you go outside Pakistan you are ambassador of Pakistan, every act you do relates to the image of Pakistan and Veena haven’t cared what people will think about Pakistani girls she had only done what she wanted she doesn’t care what image of Pakistan she had gave to the world. Well whatever people say or Sheikh Rasheed say Veena once again got in to news and her fake publicity act has worked again.

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