Waqar Zaka Childhood Singing Talent and Living on the Edge

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 09/09/2013)

Waqar Zaka’s childhood song might have some original lyrics but the music was copied from a very famous song “Cotton eye Joe”.

The song itself got appreciation but what Waqar Zaka have learned is to copy the trends around the world and now he is hosting a program “Living on the edge” in which the participants have to do some dares in order to prove that they are daring people. The theme of the program is also copied from various international shows where people have to do nasty stunts and dare.

The song and the program has this much similarity that the idea is copied from somewhere and this raises the question whether Waqar Zaka can do something original as well?

Living on the edge has always received more criticism than appreciation. The participants themselves are doing stupid acts and if they don’t, the stunts and dares they are asked to perform are very stupid.

For example there was a girl, when she was asked in the auditions what daring action she has done in her life, she replied that she has slapped her mother on the face and she feels proud of it. The language they use during the show let it be the girls or Waqar Zaka is very abusive in nature.


Gone are the times when Pakistani drama and film industry was producing original content which matched to our culture and were depicting the true culture in Pakistan. Now copied ideas are reproduced and are supplemented with vulgarity and stupidity. What actually is conveyed through such programs like “Living on the Edge” to the young generation of Pakistan? What are they trying to teach the youth with these kind of programs is out of the understanding.

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