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True and sincere writers are one of the basic need of a nation and Wasif Ali Wasif was one such writers. He was famous for his straight forwardness in writing . He wasn’t only writer he was a very good teacher and a very good poet as well. His favourite topics were love, fortune, hope, expectations and happiness. He had a very unique style in writing columns  as it truly were based on truth and were morale boosting . Many of his words are now used as quotes. He had great vision about politics and used to forecast the upcoming situations and many of his columns have been put together to form a book and that proved to be successful. He used to organize questions answer sessions in which he used to be the respondent to the questions asked by the audiences. He was author of 40 books and his sayings are worth reading and implementing. Wasif Ali Wasif born on 15th January 1929 and died on 18th January 1993.  Some of the very famous sayings of Wasif ali Wasif are:

Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes in English:

  • Pray that the sorrow in your life is not so much as to destroy you
    and is not so little that your eyes remain forever without tears
  • We wish Pharaoh’s Here and Moses’ Hereafter
  • If you wish to see impurity, look within yourself; if you wish to see good, find it in others
  • The world is ancient, but it has not lost its newness
  • Once repentance (taubah) is truly accepted, even the memory of the sin is erased
  • Some are dead while alive; others are alive even after death
  • We earn to live and we live to earn
  • Fortunate is the person who remains happy with his fortune
  • When the child is ill, the mother will know how to pray
  • He who has no light in his heart, what will he gain from the festival of lamps
  • If you want to be compared to the sun, start giving light like the sun
  • When a boat is about to sink, passengers by themselves begin to invoke Allah
  • Life by itself is not the aim of life. The aim of life is to attain life eternal
  • We go along carrying the burden of others, and, having gone some way, we throw off all our burdens, and are silently lost in some unknown world.
  • For those who have love of truth, this universe is Absolute Truth; for those who have deception within themselves, this same universe is absolute deception
  • It is sin to remember the sin you have already repented over. Forget about the sin you have given up
  • Life is from God; live it for God. Wealth is from God; spend it in the way of God
  • Meeting good people is itself a sign of good fortune
  • A more fearful thing than death is the fear of death
  • If a king seeks the company of a fakir, that is the king’s good fortune; if a fakir seeks the company of a king, that is the fakir’s misfortune
  • We live as a community but we are answerable to God as individuals
  • Peace will come once you remove the conflict between your desires and your duties
  • That man is cursed twice who is not generous even with the money he has acquired wrongly
  • Do not complain of the Creator to His creation and do not compalin of creation to the Creator….you will find peace
  • What is ‘truth’? That which comes from the lips of a truthful person. The more honest the person the greater the truth
  • The most unfortunate person is one who remains hard-hearted even in poverty
  • When the eye becomes the heart, the heart becomes the eye
  • Our worst enemy is one who enters our life as a friend and our worst friend is one who leaves our life as an enemy
  • One who is not at peace in the present will not have peace in the future either. Peace is not the result of circumstances. It is a state of the soul. One who is at peace will neither complain nor demand
  • East and West exist on the earth only. There is no east or west in the sky
  • The person who has neither time for nor interest in the religious life, what else can he say about his failure in life?
  • To distribute wealth amongst the poor is an act of goodness; to steal money from the rich is a sin!!
  • Whether one’s life was a successful one or not can only be decided at the end!
  • There may be many paths to the mountain top but for the one travelling there is only one
  • What are your thoughts on bandaging and helping an injured pig?
  • Someone else’s sin cannot become your virtue

Wasif Ali Wasif Quotes in Urdu:


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