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Will Smith Inspired By 5 Time Prayers

Will Smith Inspired By 5 Time Prayers

Nowadays median in the west has started to spread Islam phobia in entire world by showing just negative things of Islam and portraying it as a religion full of terrorism and lack of women or human rights but yet Islam is the fastest growing religion across the world many people around the world are converting to Islam as its the perfect religion that shows complete way to spend life following Islam gives inner peace.

In recent past we have seen many celebrities converted to Islam including film actors, singers, political leaders and footballers. Micheal Jackson was also said to have converted to Islam. This time its will smith who have got good comments about Islam though he haven’t converted to Islam but he really got inspired by the 5 time prayers which is the main pillar of Islam. Will smith in his recent tour to India stayed in a hotel very near of Taj Mahal, from that hotel he can see Taj Mahal very clearly. Will Smith noticed the 5 time prayer in Taj Mahal’s Masjid.

According to Will Smith

“I was in India recently and my hotel was near the Taj Mahal. Five times a day there would be a call for prayer, and it was the most beautiful thing “. I was lying on my bed thinking, no matter what your religion is, it would be great to have that reminders five times a day remember your lord and Savoir”

stated the Hollywood actor, producer, rapper Will Smith.” It’s very nice of the great Hollywood actor to give very sincere comments about what he felt there in his hotel while listening  and watching people offering prayers. Many people have found inner peace in Islam by just sitting inside the masjid or attending the lectures given by the Islamic teams that went out of their homes for spreading the word of Allah. Recently England famous model Carly Watts have converted to Islam and also have started preaching Islam she got impressed by the way Islam gives respect to a women. She have given up her showbiz carrier and now can be seen in covered cloths and preaching Islam.

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