YouTube Likely to be Opened in Pakistan After Eid

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 26/07/2013)

News sources reported that Government of Pakistan is likely to lift the ban imposed on YouTube after Eid ul Fitar.

The news sources claim that Anusha Rehman who is currently handling the IT and Telecom Ministry has reportedly formed a committee that will review this matter into greater depth and detail.

Committee has been informed and directed to somehow sort out a mechanism so that all the objectionable material is blocked in Pakistan or it cannot be accessed in Pakistan while rest of the YouTube is functioning properly.

It seems that a lot of work needs to be done in this regard as the objectionable material will be blocked but how the problem of coping with duplication of such material in future will be dealt with?

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has already shown its inability to block the objectionable content.

Google has not responded in affirmative manner to Government of Pakistan’s request of removing the objectionable content from their website or not allowing it in Pakistan.

Government’s unblocking of YouTube is attached to the term that first a mechanism is developed for the blockage of the objectionable material. What method will be used to carry out this mechanism is still unknown.

According to Government, all the related stakeholders will be taken into confidence before any decision regarding opening YouTube in Pakistan is taken.

When YouTube was banned in Pakistan, it was the largest video portal in Pakistan and 4 crore Pakistani internet users were using it. Many circles think that this matter could have been solved by negotiating with YouTube management and previous Government did not take enough interest in this issue to get it resolved.

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  • First of all I would like to say, I am a current student of ACCA and have studied under IT tech, along with my study I've been a student at Essex in Canada. Anyhow, I would like to convey my point that if these IT idiots could have just blocked the URL of the linking to the blasphemous video that would have been enough, but no, they had to pick a fight with others, now Youtube is blocked and users over Pakistan are going without the benefits of the huge and powerful video sharing website. Why is it that our leaders have to be so lame, non-strategic and non-diplomatic. To tell everyone the truth, the idiots are sitting above the food-chain while the intellectual individuals are forced to live their lives powerless to bring-forth the change this country needs. I say they hand over the rights to the newer generation, for we are a lot more advanced.

  • The Government must take some action to regularize youtube in Pakistan, because all are using it in Pakistan despite it was banned. if they really want to block it, they should have blocked it in such a way that no one could have opened though whatever the method had been applied. Well, so far as individualism is concerned, youtube must be opened, because we do have a sense to differ between what to see or what not to see. kindly vote not to keep the youtube blocked anymore. please unblock……………………….

  • plllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz open you tube ma ny unhe dakhana hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • ya bht acha fasla ha students k liye pakistani govt ko filters lagany chaye agr in k pass I.T k asay banday nhe ha to pakistan k uni say student ko hire kr lay wo kr day gay sb kuch . . . . .


      • Dear Pathan: I am really agree with you, but most of not BASTARDs. People like me are really loosing in education to get the info. Of-course we are not the only Muslims look at your favourite Muslim Countries they haven't blocked it. Now its about time that we can get the grip and stop swearing at Pakistanis instead of Arabs who are really helping and helped to grow West stronger! They are just using us! Yes there's no doubt pakistanis are watching the most filthy programmes but who are not!!!! Please be tolerant and teach toleration as our Holly Prophet did. Jazzak Allah and Eid Mubarik


  • open the youtube very sad your work. your 200 years back all world.i like i love youtube without youtube internet youtube eid go.

  • You tube ko ab open kerdena chahiye , ab koi reason nahe he blocked karne ka ,wese bhi i year ke baad ye issue legally toor khatam hojana chahiye , Itne musalman countries hain waha per Youtube onair he ,

  • agur youtube ko block kar saktey hain aur phir khol bhi saktey hoon tp kya uss movie ko yeh loog delete nahi kar saktey kya. lekin baat sirf itni hai kay emaan ki kamzori aur anrezoon ki ghulaami hai.

    • jee nahin. Sirf wohi movie delete kar sakta hai jiske pass admn rights ho. Pakistan ke pass woh rights nahin. Agar Pakistan local version of youtube implement kare to youtube us movie ko aap ke local version se hataa dega. 49 mumalik ke paas local you tube version hai. Par iske liye kuchh qanoon saazi zaroori hai jo aapka mulk karna nahin chaahta.

      Iss baat ko imaan se na jode

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