Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana Mom & Dad to a Baby Boy

(Last Updated On: 07/03/2014)

It is joyous news for Atif Aslam and his family as well as fans of Atif Aslam all around the globe. Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana are now officially dad and mom to a cute and adorable baby boy.

Atif Aslam Baby Boy

The news took on the world like a wildfire and fans were thrilled with the news. The picture of baby boy started to circulate the social media circles very quickly. Although the news was expected for some of the fans that keep a keen eye on Atif Aslam but the birth of the baby and his pictures were still to be waited for.

Atif Aslam was nowhere to be reached. The jubilant dad according to media sources has postponed all his ongoing activities and programs to be with his wife. This is very adorable and shows that how deeply the couple is in love with each other.

The news sources claim that Sara Bharwana has given birth to a baby weighing 3.2 KG at 11:49 AM at a local hospital. Measurement of the baby in length is 35 centimeter. Both the baby and mother are in good shape and condition.

The fans are already celebrating the news and hopefully the new mom, dad and their family will be celebrating more than all of us. The moment is much awaited when the joyous mom and dad along with their baby make the first appearance in front of media and tell us exactly how they are feeling about their new experience.


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