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Ayesha Omer Kissing Scandal

Ayesha Omer needs no introduction. She is one of the most famous models in Pakistan and has appeared in various dramas as well. Her acting in drama serial Bulbulay was much appreciated. Her role in fashion industry of Pakistan is also very solid.

Previously she was in news for rejecting to do modeling for Abaya. Now she is again in the news for her kissing scandal. In the picture allegedly she is shown kissing an unknown man. The dress she is wearing is quite revealing as well.

Ayesha Omer Kissing Scandal

It seems that she is kissing the man as passionately as she could. Recently Meera and Veena Malik as well as Sara Loren aka Mona Lizza were in news for their vulgarity but now it seems that Ayesha Omer has also joined the ranks, if it is real.

It is really disgusting that Pakistani actresses are doing such acts. Being a celebrity means more responsible as many people start following you and you become a role model for them. What kind of role model Ayesha Omer would be kissing an unknown man and being snapped.

It clearly seems that she is aware of her photo being snapped and she has no objection over it. Perhaps modernization knows no boundaries.

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