Energy Savers Saves Money But Harmful For Health

(Last Updated On: 14/05/2014)

Once upon a time, the only source of artificial light were old fashioned filament bulbs. These days everyone is trying to save electricity and use of energy saver bulbs has taken over comprehensively. But are there any side effects?

Britain’s University College London’s professor John Marshal who is world famous eye specialist says that energy savers are a ‘big No’ to him because they are harmful for human health. He is strongly against the use of energy savers. His house is totally clean from energy saver bulbs.

Further he has stored dozens of cartons of old fashioned filament bulbs in his house. The reason being he do not want to run out of the filament bulbs for the rest of his remaining life. He is not alone in this thought. A huge number of health experts are against the usage of energy saver bulbs because of its negative impact on human health.

According to these experts, the rays from energy saver bulbs are harmful for eyes, skin and other human body parts. These might cause human to get old very quickly and in addition they might cause skin cancer as well.

In the filament bulbs, the filament gets heated by electricity and thus generates light but in energy saver bulbs, Argon gas and Mercury vapors are present. These elements when heated by the help of electricity, the florescent layer in energy saver bulbs radiate light. During the process the rays radiated are very harmful for human health and might cause blindness in human beings.

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