Faisalabad Female Sportswomen Blackmailing Scandal

A gang of blackmailers who blackmail female sportswomen in Faisalabad has been discovered. Girl schools and colleges are shocked by this news and a hoax has been created. Pictures of female sportswoman with a member of the gang have been revealed on different newspapers and social media has been rocked by these pictures and this news.

District management has taken notice of the issue and inquiry has been ordered. Sources say that there is a private school system on Jaranwala road and Tie condo teacher Zulfiqar and some Police staff named Ghulam Shabir, Adil, Rana Raheel and Mirza Jameel have been disguising themselves as Tie condo teachers and they do coaching in different female schools and colleges throughout Faisalabad. They snap pictures with their female students and sometimes the pictures are objectionable.

Faisalabad Girls Scandal

These photos are later used for blackmailing purposes. Pictures of Zulfiqar with his female student have come on the scene and after that these objectionable pictures are spread all over Faisalabad and girl schools and colleges are reacting in a harsh way as expected.

District Tie condo association has filed an application for the investigation of this blackmailing gang to the District management and DCO Faisalabad has ordered the inquiry subsequently.

When the sports teacher Zulfiqar was contacted, he was unable to give a sound reply to this issue. Sometimes he was found saying that it is his family pictures, sometimes he would say that it is my wife’s pictures and I have divorced her now but he was unable to prove it.

Faisalabad Girls Scandal 1

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