Meera Left Live Show after Fight with Laila

Meera and Laila were pretty good friends once but now things are different. They can’t tolerate each other anymore these two have been fighting with each other since few months and we hear these actresses passing comments against each other every now and then. These two actresses were called together on several TV channels on Eid days.

On one day both of them shake hands and became friends but nobody knows what happened on the other day when they were called by Express Network. Both the heroines started with some hot comments. Meera said that “we were good friends” upon this Laila got angry and started saying that she don’t want to have friendship with “user and abuser people”. She said that she and Meera were very good friends and at that time she didn’t knew that Meera is such type of person.

She said that Meera was senior than me and I respected her a lot but now things are different. Its worth mentioning here that Laila also have the same guts of speaking English as that of Meera, I am damn sure if one force her to talk in English one her line was “Sab Jantay hain k we was friends.” She kept on saying “Why Nots” instead of “why not”. Anyways coming back to Laila’s comments she said that now she doesn’t have time to talk to people like Meera. Meera mean while kept her calm and didn’t say a word.

When the host interfered and ask Meera that what happened yesterday you became friends again and now you are saying that “we were friends” what is the reason behind the change. On that Meera said “I think we should talk on some other topics as there are more interesting topics then our friendship”. Upon this a comedian taunted on Meera’s English and asked said “Meera G! Please will you tell us what we call a person who takes photographs?” and everybody started laughing upon this Meera left the show and said I am coming back but didn’t came back.


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