NACTA National Counter Terrorism Authority Pakistan Relaunch

(Last Updated On: 26/12/2014)

NACTA National Counter Terrorism Authority pakistan

Formation of Joint Intelligence Secretariat and Re-launch of National Counter Terrorism Authority: Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan announced that joint intelligence secretariat will be established within coming 6 months.

He added that Joint Intelligence secretariat will be responsible to make swift decisions on intelligence reports. This critical secretariat will be composed of 500 individuals in beginning however with passage of time the number of the members will be raised to 2000.

Chaudhry Nisar further added that this secretariat will also work in coordination with National counter terrorism authority (NACTA). He accused that NACTA was dysfunctional so far and announced its reformation as well. Chaudhry Nisar said

“If despite our pre-emptive measures an act of terrorism occurs, the rapid deployment force will be expected to act within minutes”

Such steps are now the most important job of our Government and now all the concentration of our leadership should be towards fighting against terrorism as we can’t afford to give blood of children to terrorists.

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  • Matter of illegal CNICs (Computerized National identity Cards) of foreigners
    Leader Ship of Pakistan is not serious to cancel all illegal CNICs of foreigners.
    Main reasons is following.
    1-Illegal vote power of illegal CNICs holder foreigners.
    2-Pakistani Politicians not raised voice against illegal CNICs of foreigners on any plate form like as Parliament and Media.
    3-Pakistan do not have proper immigration police and there is no any planning to establish such Police FIA immigration Police is only deals AIRPORTS and few border check posts they do not have any staff and experts to capture illegal immigrants and illegal CNICs.
    4-NADRA never advertised any campaign against illegal CNICs in media and never guide Pakistani citizens how to complain against illegal CNICs of foreigners.
    5-NADRA do not have proper forensic laboratory and methods and experts to find illegal CNICs on 100% merit.
    6-NADRA do not have 4 digit help line for the complaint of illegal CNICs 7000 help line is not allowed complain against illegal CNICs.
    7-NADRA do not have own Police and prosecutors to handle the matter of illegal CNICs.
    8-NADRA is not serious punish to attesters of illegal CNICs because of Political interference.
    9-Immigration courts of IB is become party with foreigners. According to NADRA they cancelled illegal CNICs but immigration courts of IB undo their action but similar complains listen from FIA IB against NADRA.
    10-Political interference in NADRA is also one reason
    11-Illegal CNICs holder foreigners is entered in Pakistan Army, Police and NADRA as officers this is serious security risk to Pakistan such department should be integrated to NADRA.
    12-Pakistan is in the situation of War illegal CNICs holder foreigners and Afghan refugees is being used for spying and facilitating terrorism in Pakistan 90% terrorism in Pakistan is link to Afghanistan it is official said 45% crimes in Peshawar is link to Afghan refugees.
    13-According to National Action Plan there is no action against Afghan refugees and their illegal CNICs and there is no planning and no schedule given to expel illegal immigrants and refugees.
    14-It is un official estimated over 3 million illegal CNICs has been issued to foreigners according to Ex-chief justice Peshawar high Court Mr. Dost Muhammad Khan 40% Afghan acquired Pakistani CNICs exact numbers of illegal CNICs issued to foreigners is not available According to media 40 lakh illegal CNICs issued. According to media reports NADRA has been closed three offices in Karachi where illegal CNICs issued on gun point.
    15-Some politicians is openly opposed NADRA action against illegal CNICs such politicians back ground is known as pro Indian and pro Afghan.
    Written by Shahid Hameed 4 March 2016

  • I had applied for position of Assistant Director in NACTA and appeared for test and interview on 02/09/2013 but did not get any reply from your honor. I tried the concerned phone number that is mentioned in call letter but nobody attends.

    It is my humble request to your kind honor that I may kindly be informed in this regard.

    I pray for your health sir

    Best regards

    Sikandar Khan Lehri

    Cell # 0321-8198344


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