One Year PTCL Internship Program 2014, NTS, Form, Letter & Report

Written by Umar Farooq
(Last Updated On: 21/02/2014)

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited also known widely as PTCL has invited talented youth of the country to participate in a one-year paid internship program for the year 2014. This program will help freshly graduated students to develop a skill-set that is essential in today’s competitive environment and will also equip them with practical experience in the fast paced job market.

Walid Irshad, President and CEO of PTCL said that

At PTCL, we believe in contributing towards the socio-economic progress of the country through various community development initiatives and we would continue exploring innovative ways like this to serve the society

He further added that

I am confident that such programs will play an important role in capacity building and nourishment of country’s human capital and future leaders

Syed Mazhar Hussain who is the Chief Human Resource Officer of PTCL said that

This program is designed to develop and enhance the capacity of our youth and we plan to explore such innovative approaches which serve the community in future as well

Top fifty performing candidates in the first batch were offered full-time jobs at PTCL. 100 other interns were hired by different organizations after they successfully completed the internship program of 1 year with PTCL in 2013.

This year another batch of 500 interns has been selected after they passed the assessment and are currently enjoying a stipend of Rupees 15,000 per month.

PTCL Youth One year Internship Program 2014 Registration Procedure

Fresh graduates are eligible for this program only and the registration process has not been started yet by PTCL. Normally PTCL hires the services of National Testing System (NTS) to conduct the test in order to judge the candidates. PTCL sources informed that as soon as the process is started, the information will be released and freshly graduated candidates can then apply for the internship program.

This is a brilliant step by PTCL to continue the tradition of paid internship. It will not only help the Pakistani youth to gather confidence before they go out in the relentless job market in Pakistan but will give them tools and experience to counter the problems they are going to face in their professional careers.

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