Pakistan’s Animated Series Burka Avengers Wins US Award

By Noor Mani — Published on 26/04/2014

Pakistan’s first animated cartoon series Burka Avengers got the response across the globe which its makers didn’t even imagine. Burqa Avenger has been plotted on concept of Women rights in Indo-Pak subcontinent. The ill norms of our society have been highlighted very beautifully and the characters we see around us have been presented in a very appropriate manner.


Burqa Avenger highlights the illogical restrictions on women in subcontinent and it also sends a positive message about the abilities of women. Burqa Avenger sends the message loud and clear that womens are equally intelligent, hardworking and capable of completing tasks. Before the launch of Burqa Avenger lots of things were said regarding it failure but once this series went on air everybody loved it.

It got so much famous that Indian producers contacted the producers of Burqa Avenger for permission to make movie on Burqa Avenger but the producers of BA denied it. Denial of the offer makes it clear that the team of BA is looking forward to make animated movie on Burqa Avenger as well. BA has now won an American award name Peabody awards.


It is a huge milestone or achievement for any director producer or actor to win Peabody award. As we all know all the first world is concentrating on women rights a lot and this what Burqa Avenger is all about besides the message of BA, it’s been beautifully directed and produced the animation of the cartoon are outstanding. Characters of the series have been beautifully chosen.

Hats off to the team of Burqa Avengers as their outstanding work took Pakistan to Peabody awards .We wish best of luck to BA team and hope to see some more quality work from them in future.

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Noor Mani is a senior tech correspondent and renowned professional writer from the Pakistani local Newspaper Weekly Multan. She is a P.E.C. accredited Electronics Engineer with a wide vision of technology and the local media industry scope.

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