Rooh e Ramzan On TV One to be Hosted by Faisal Querashi

Faisal Querashi joins the team of Junaid Jamshed, Waseem Badami, Noor ul hassan, Amir Liaquat as all of them are doing Ramzan transmission on different channels. Faisal Rehman also is hosting the Ramzan transmission on TV one and the transmission he is hosting is almost of the same format which is being running on the other channels.

The name of this transmission is Rooh e Ramzan and in this transmission will start from 2 pm and will up to 9pm daily for Aftar transmission and for Sehri the transmission will start from 1:30 AM and will go up to 6 AM. It means you can see Faisal Quershi for 10 and half hours daily. Rooh e Ramzan will contain almost the same things that are being shown on other Ramzan transmission like different religious scholars will be invited to the transmission for discussing religious matters, similarly the games will be played with the participants and gifts will be distributed during the transmission.

The competition is sky high between the channels for ratings. Amir Liaquat moving to Express channel has made a lot of difference in his audiences which proved that name of Geo TV was also supporting the host for his higher ratings. On the other hand Noor ul Hassan is doing a good job on PTV home, Junaid Jamshed and Waseem Badami’s chemistry is being liked a lot by the audiences. In this competition among channels viewers are being benefited as they are getting quality entertainment from every channel.

Faisal Querashi is also doing good in this race of ratings and due to his huge fan following he is getting some good ratings for his channel. The game of ratings is really very high and every channel is wants to take over the remaining. All the private channels are inserting huge amount of money in these transmissions. Even PTV home has invested a huge amount of money and the set they have designed for transmission is awesome. So if you want to see Faisal Querashi all day and night long you just have switch on your TV and select TV One.


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