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Rotimatic machine Review and Price in Pakistan

Rotimatic machine Review and Price in Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 22/07/2015)

Well in this fast era nobody has time to waste and everybody wants to do things quickly and easily. Cooking food and Roti’s is one of the most time consuming thing that a woman normally do.

This really is very difficult for working women as they are tired due to office work and want to end up cooking as soon as possible. So for women of subcontinent here is gift with which they can make Roti’s with in no time.

Yes Rotimatic is a device which makes Roti’s in no few seconds. All you have to do is to pour wheat flour in and small amount of water in Rotimatic and after few seconds you will have a hot Roti as output. So women can now easily make Rotis and spend rest of the time with their family.

This is a new invention from Singapore which can make hot and fresh Rotis for you. All you need to do is fill its separate chambers with raw material (flour, water and oil) and press Start button. It can produce 1 round and puffed roti per minute and have enough capacity for 20 rotis before needing a refill. You have full control over how thick or soft roti you want.

Rotimatic machine Review and Price in Pakistan

Roti Maker

Rotimatic one touch

Automtic roti making

Make roti direct with flour & water

Rotimatic how to use

rotimatic in Karachi

Rotimatic price:

Rotimatic’s Price is $599 for one machine or 60,000 to 100,000 Rs.

Rotimatic is available in USA, Singapore, Pakistan, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia.

Rotimatic Machine Review:

Rotimatic Automatic Roti Making Appliance:

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  1. Is there any outlet in lahore pakistan?

  2. Yusra khan i want to buy this my contact no is 03352175076

  3. I want to purchase rotimatic. Kindly confirm the cost and availability in Lahore pakistan.

  4. Hi, I want to purchase one machine, kindly confirm the cost and availability in Islamabad, Pakistan

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    i like it rotimatic machines i want like 20pcs can i gate quotetion please for marketing in nairobi kenya

  8. vekaria mukesh

    i like it rotimatic machins can i gate quotation please i want like 20pcs first for marketing in nairobi kenya

  9. I want to buy this product how to buy it ****8755112

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  15. where to buy this product

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    What is the procedure to book this rotimatic machine? Please guide.

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