Umro ayar ki Kahaniyan – Pakistan’s urdu classic

umro ayar ki kahaniyan
umro ayar ki kahaniyan

The most fascinating personality of Pakistani kids in ear of 90’s was Umro Ayyar. Umro Ayyar stories were very famous and were found in cuboard of almost every child. Being a child I always loved Umro Ayyar stories.

The character of Umro Ayyar was so famous that it was made part of the most loved children play of 90’s and that was Ainak Wala Jin. Umro is a very cunning and smart guy who loves money and hates those who crushes poor people to become rich. Umro has a magical bag which is called Umro Ayyar Ki Zanbeel and it always helps him out in tough moments.

Urdu literature lacks such attractive personalities. Imran of Imran series was another fascinating character of Urdu literature. We should ecncourage our writers tocome up with such good characters so that our children can read stories of their own writers and have their own hero to talk about. Here are some interesting stories of Umro for you.

Omro Ayar ki Kahaniyan Free Pdf Download:

Umru Aur Khazana
Umru Aur Khufiya Talismat
Umroo or Shanshaah-E-Afrasiab Khatre Main
Umro or Khooni Mohem
Umru Aur Churail Malika
Umruayyar or Shehnsha Afrasayab
Umru ki kahaniyan 

umro ayar ki kahaniyan The Comic Book

umro ayar the Comic Book

umro ayar the castle of illusions

umro ayar ki kahaniyan 1

Pakistan’s urdu classic

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