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Sultanat Failed to Cope up Expectations

Written by Noor
(Last Updated On: 11/08/2014)

The heavy budgeted movie, in fact the most expensive movie of Pakistan Sultanat released on this Eid failed to come to the expectations of the viewers. Everyone was expecting something big from this movie but it wasn’t to be.  The movie failed to live up to expectations of people all around the Pakistan. Viewers were of the opinion that movie couldn’t sum up things and the intensity which the director wanted to create wasn’t achieved and things went wrong. 

Although huge budget was invested on the movie and actors were imported from Bollywood as well but everything fell down. Faisal Raza Bukhari tired his level best but he wasn’t able to bring people to cinema. There were many flaws in the movie too many characters were put in and director couldn’t do justice to the characters. Only music of the movie was good and especially item song “Sony di taveetri” rocked.  Many say the other reason behind fall of Sultanat was Salman Khan’s movie. Yes “Kick” of Salman khan released on Eid and it really kicked out Sultanat of business.

Everybody knows how famous Salman Khan is and how much his fans wait for his movie. Most of the people went to watch Salman Khan’s action rather than inferior action of Sultanat. Well if we compare it with Waar, Waar was really an outstanding movie as it was released in parallel with “Boss” of Akshay Kumar and it kicked out “Boss” of Akshay Kumar. Another thing due to which Sultanat failed was, improper marketing. The trailer of the movie was really pathetic and it didn’t appeal many or it couldn’t win the interest of people.  We do appreciate Faisal for putting his effort in revival of Pakistan cinema.

Sultanat (2014) Trailer:

Sultanat (2014) Song Sonay di Tavetri:

Sultanat (2014) Trailer:

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