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Veena Malik Expecting a Baby

Veena Malik Expecting a Baby

Controversy Queen Veena Malik is soon going to become a mother; the news has been confirmed by the couple. The couple married last year and their marriage was really a hot topic and everybody was discussing it. Their marriage was re-celebrated on television and the re-celebration of their marriage also became an issue. Whatever Veena do becomes a controversy, She really is mother of controversies, wherever she goes she creates controversies.

Since she has visited India, she has always remained part of news. It seems that she went for higher controversial education to India. After the incident during re-celebration, the couple was underground.  Veena Malik in a show said that whenever she gets angry her or she had fight with her husband Mr. Asad Khattak, he gives her a diamond ring. Good news for her fans is that Veena won’t be leaving showbiz after having baby.

Her husband has already informed media that if Veena will be offered some quality work he will for sure give her permission to work. Veena Malik is very lucky to have such husband who gives her diamond rings after fighting with her and is letting to do work even after having baby. We have examples of in laws who don’t let their daughter in laws to work after getting married to their son and such husbands as well who don’t let their wives work after marriage.

Recently we saw Ayza Khan saying good bye to showbiz after she got engaged to her cousin who also is an actor. So Veena Malik after having done some extreme adventures in her life like live affair with Ashmit in Bigg Boss and ISI photo-shoot scandal, ditching Babrak Khan and affair with fast bowler Muahmmad Asif she really got a very good family as her in laws. Best of Luck Veena .


Veena Malik Expecting Her First Baby

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