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US Congressman Speech in US Parliament to Free Baluchistan from Pakistan

A shocking video was shown on ARY News program “Khara Sach” by Mubashir Lucman. This shocking video showed the US congressman delivering a speech in the US parliament.

He stated that he and some of his friends like Steve King have met the Baloch leaders. This is the area where most of minerals of Pakistan are located. According to him in this area (Baloch area) Pakistan has been terrorising the Baloch people for many years and mercilessly killing them. Pakistan wants the Baloch people’s assets and their minerals in order to run Pakistan and radicalize. Pakistan is not allowing the Baloch people to live in peace. He further said that he indicated this fact a couple of years ago that it probably is time to encourage a new Baloch state or a new country of Baluchistan that will be independent from Pakistan. This will allow people of Baluchistan to live in peace. They will not have to be worried about Pakistani officials and military to come and commit crimes against Baloch people. He said that the time has arrived when Baloch people could be let alone to live in peace. He further stressed that Taliban are getting most of their supplies and aid through Southern area or Baloch area of Pakistan. He stressed that if Baluchistan gets independent then supplies of Taliban in Afghanistan can be cut short and it will save a lot of American soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan.

The video was shocking but more shocking than that was the fact that Pakistani military, Pakistani government, Pakistani Exterior or Interior ministry or any other Government official did not say anything about it. They did not protest against it. They could have protested against this propaganda by calling the US High Commissioner but they did not.

They absolutely did nothing and what message does it give to the nation? Do our government agrees to what the US congressman said in the US parliament? For the time being this is the only message anyone can assume from the behaviour and stance of Pakistani government. How could someone raise fingers on the integrity of the nation and the Government does not respond in any way?

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