Zong “Tabeer”: A Women-Only Service in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Zong Flutter in collaboration with Al-Abrar Associates and RTA (Regional Transport Authority) has launched a Van service exclusively for women of the twin cities (Islamabad and Rawalpindi). The van service is named “Tabeer” for the traveling women of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

A safe, secure and comfortable transport system has been a problem for working women throughout Pakistan especially for those women whose economic means is very low. Public transport solves the problem of finance as it is much cheaper but comfort, safety and security in the public transport sector for women is no there.

This indeed is a great step and must be appreciated at all forums and such steps should be highly encouraged. This gives every woman the right to travel conveniently and safely.

Mr. Awais Manzoor Tarar, Secretary DRTA said about “Tabeer” project that

With the very first initiative of its kind taken by private sector, DRTA in collaboration with Al-Abrar Associates and support of Zong wishes to take the endeavors of Government of Punjab for women’s empowerment to a new level. Public transport is one area where we feel women face a number of problems and hence we couldn’t think of any better platform than a dedicated van service for the working women of Islamabad and Rawalpindi which will offer them a safe and easy commute

There are 12 vans that will try to facilitate the women travel currently exclusively branded and will help the women to recharge on the go as well. In addition information regarding Zong Flutter packages will also be shared with the passengers.

Zong Flutter’s tagline is “Meri Dunya, Meray Khwaab” and it is dedicated to help women realize their dreams and “Tabeer” project is none other than a positive step in the direction of achieving their goal.

Ms. Esna Bhatti who is the Product Manager Zong Flutter, while sponsoring the Project Tabeer said that

We are grateful to RTA, Al-Abrar Associates and the Government of Punjab in turning the Tabeer project into a reality. Since Zong Flutter is all about females, the project was a natural fit with the values that Zong Flutter stands for. Hence, we decided to become the principal sponsors of the project

Deputy Director HR, Zong shared her thoughts on Project Tabeer by saying

At Zong we are sensitive to the many problems faced by Pakistani women to stand up for their rights and understand the hurdles faced by Pakistani women every single day. Hence, Tabeer is our way of letting women in Pakistan know that we respect their ambitions and want to become active partners in helping them achieve a prominent status in the society

In the beginning the 12 vans will be able to cover only two routes.

Route No. 1:

Route length is 23 KM while it will pass through Haider Road Saddar Rawalpindi to Pak Secretariat Islamabad via Railway Station, Marrer Chowk, Moti Mahal, Committee Chowk, Waris Khan, Naz Cinema, Central Hospital, Sadiq Abad, Rehman Abad, Shamsabad, Faiz Abad, Zero Point, Fire Brigade, Aab Para, Melody, GPO, Poly-Clinic, F6/1, Super Market, Pak Secretariat.

Route No. 7:

Hajj Complex to Swan Camp via Golra Mor, Koh-e-Noor Mill, Pir Wadai Morr, Chur Depot, Cheering Cross, Radio Pakistan, Race Course Ground, MH Chowk, Railway station, Kamran Chowk, Marrer Chowk, District Courts, Mor-Gah Morr, Al-shafa, SoS village. The route length is 19 KM.

An important feature of Tabeer project is that it will be conducted by females and complaints of female passengers will also be regularly monitored in order to make sure that they experience a smooth journey.

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