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10th Muharram 2015: Nohay of Syed Farhan Ali Waris, Nadeem Sarwar, Hashim Sisters and others

(Last Updated On: 19/10/2015)

Muharram is the first month of Islamic new year and the most prestigious month among Muslims. Muslims aim to pay gratitude to the martyrs of Karbaala, who sacrificed their homes, lives and even infants to uphold Islam.

Incident of Karbaala revolves around sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain Ibn-e-Ali (R.A) and his family. Hazrat Hussain was the grandson of last prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), even belonging from a highly-obliged Islamic family, he choose to roll his superiority as following Allah’s order.

On 9th and 10th of Muharram it is holiday in public and governmental sector in Pakistan as various events are organized to pay tribute to the Islamic heroes. This sacrifice is always being remembered, not only by Muslims as Non-Muslims are also persuaded with the mighty sacrifice of whole family of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH).

Processions, Niyaz, Mataam, Noha Khawani and Mehfils are the most common way adopted by Muslims to acknowledge devotedness of the martyrs of Karbaala.

In this post we’ll be telling you about Top Noha Khawans, their brief introduction and Nohas which take you to the other world.

Most priorly, the Noha Khawans placed in this list are not officially listed as top or best, this is based on personal observation and have tried to be up on your expectations.

Syed Farhan Ali Waris: He’s been a big source of inspiration for young Shiites, he has become widely popular as Noha Khawan within no time. He has also starred as Judge in various Naat competitions. Here are some of his Nohas.


His Latest Album Jannat Hai Karbala will be soon among us.

Checkout the Title Noha ‘Jannat hai Karbala‘:

Farhan’s other Nohas of 2015:

  • Abbas Teri Behno Ko
  • Aey Hussaini Maan Tujhe Salam
  •  Akbar Putar Jawan Aey
  • Chum Babay Da Seena
  • Haiyyalal Aza
  • Lashkar Main Bari
  • Pyasi Hai Sakina
  • Tu Bay Kafan
  • Unneeso Hain Zakhm
  • Zindaan Say Chut Kay

Karbala Ke Kahani By Syed Farhan Ali Waris

Main Paidal Chala Karbala by Farhan Waris

Piyari Maa by Farhan Ali


Nadeem Sarwar: He’s the proficient Noha Khawan, have recited Nohas in the five continents of the world, due to his services he’s highly-regarded by Shitees. His son Ali Shanawar is also a Noha Khawan and is considered one of the best reciter among teenage Noha Khawans.


Na Ro Zainab by Nadeem Sarwar

Haye Haye Qasim by Nadeem Sarwar

Zindabad Ya Hussain by Nadeem Sarwar

Salam Ullah by Nadeem Sarwar:

According to Nadeem Sarwar’s verified Facebook page, he’s Nohas for 2015-2016 are soon to come.


You can stay tuned for further updates: Nadeem Sarwar’s Facebook Page.

Hassan Sadiq: He has also recited many Nohas, this year 2015-2016 he’s teaming up with Syed Farhan Ali Waris and will be seen along with him in album Jannat hai Karbala.


A video in which Hassan Sadiq speaks about his joining in Album with Farhan Ali Waris.

Zainab Teray Hussain Ka Ghum by Hassan Sadiq

Rida Koi Ni By Hassan Sadiq

Haye Sajjad by Hassan Sadiq

Hashim Sisters : These three sisters from London are with aim to widespread sacrifice of Karbala martyrs, and they are doing it successfully. In return to their services for Shitte Muslims, they’re given title of Dukhtaran-e-Shiyat (Daughters of Shiyat), Daughters of Islam & Fakhr e Shiyat (The Pride of Shias).

Their names are Mahum Fatima Hashim, Saania Fatima Hashim and Adeeya Fatima Hashim.


Their latest album for 2015-2016 is ‘Sachay Azadaar Raho‘ is soon to arrive, here’s the cover of their upcoming album.


Checkout title track of the album Sachay Azadar:


Aakhri Khuwaish by Hashim Sisters

Waseeyat-e-Sakina by Hashim Sisters

Haaye Haaye Jawan Akbar by Hashim Sisters

Ali Shanawar: He’s been source of inspiration for many as his father Nadeem Sarwar has been a perfect mentor to him. His first Noha ‘Pyaray Nabi Ke Pyari Nawasi’ along with his younger brother Ali Jee gained huge success. Both the brother this year have come-up with new album Ana Zawar.

Checkout the cover of their new album:


Pyaray Nabi Ke Pyari Nawasi by Ali Shanawar

Qaidi Hun Main Baba Jaan By Ali Shanawar

Live Like Ali (A.S) By Ali Shanawar

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