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20 Things World Gets Wrong About Pakistan

(Last Updated On: 08/08/2015)

There are lots of confusion in the minds of different people in different parts of the world about Pakistan. This is damaging the pride and dignity of the country in the eyes of the entire world. Everyone thinks negative about Pakistan outside/inside Pakistan. But here is the truth available for them, those are conveying wrong image of the Pakistan. Just have a look on the followings:

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  1. Arabic is not spoken by the people in Pakistan

Some people think that in Pakistan, majority or minority speaks Arabic as their mother or national language, it is totally wrong concept, percentage of the Arabic language spoken is zero.


  1. No country speaks Arabic in Neighborhoods

It is also wrong concept that neighbors of Pakistan are the speakers of the Arabic language. Pakistan is surrounded by India, China, Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and all these countries are non Arabic speakers.

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  1. Pakistan is not in the map of Middle East

Some people think that Pakistan comes in the map of the middle east, this not the case. It is wrong too.


  1. English as official Language for 67 Years

English has been there as an official language of Pakistan for 67 years, there is no need to be shocked to know that Pakistanis can speak English perfectly.

  1. National Language of Pakistan

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Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, but it is spoken only 8 % of the total citizens of Pakistan.


  1. Pakistan Consists of deserts

Some people are confused with Saudia Arabia, they think that Pakistan is a desert. It is a wrong concept of them.


  1. Pakistan has very Beautiful cities

Pakistan has some very beautiful cities in different provinces of the country with great atmosphere out there.


  1. All Pakistanis are not same in looks

In Pakistan, everyone is different in every aspects of their personality, no one looks similar to anyone. However, some rare cases are expected.


  1. All food of Pakistan are not Curry

In Pakistan, there is a huge quantity of foods are available cooked in different styles, all types of food are very tasty.

  1. Second name of bread is ‘NAAN’

When you are saying that you are eating naan defines that you are eating bread.20100326-Cooking-1880-Edit

  1. Tea defines ” Chai “

When you are having a cup of tea, you can say that you are having a cup of ‘ Chai ‘ not tea Chai as it means tea tea.Masala_Chai

  1. All the terrorists are not from Pakistan

All those involved in terrorism does not defines that they belong to Pakistan.c625da93-a609-4ea8-ad95-4bcb0ae7df11_16x9_600x338

  1. Usama Bin Laden was not from Pakistan.

He was settled in Afghanistan and belonged to Yemen, It is wrong concept that he belongs to Pakistan.121121_osama_bin_laden_ap_605

  1. Homegrown feminist fighters has a long list in Pakistan

Fatima Sughra was from Pakistan, when she was 14 years old, in 1947 she pulled down the Union Jack from the Punjab Civil Secretariat Building and replaced it with the symbol of the political party fighting for liberty from British rulers in the Indian subcontinent.

  1. No hatred for Indians

Pakistanis do not hate Indians, despite ongoing military and political conflicts or except during a cricket match between India and Pakistan.Pakistan-India-LoC-Talks-Kashmir-Tension_8-13-2013_113481_l

  1. One of the biggest countries

Pakistan is the sixth most populated country in the world.

  1. Largest military force

Pakistan has the sixth largest military force in the world.Countries-With-Largest-Armies-In-2014-Pakistan

  1. Highest peaks in the World

Pakistan has the world’s second highest and the ninth highest mountains , K2 and Nanga Parbat.

  1. Most languages spoken in Pakistan

More than sixty languages are being spoken in Pakistan.

  1. Largest Ambulance Network of the World

Edhi is running the largest Ambulance network in Pakistan.Edhi

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