Centerm Launches Thin Clients & Payment Solutions for Pakistanis

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(Last Updated On: 08/08/2015)

Centerm information specializes in cloud terminals, thin clients, payment terminals and ‘desktop cloud’ solutions and epayment solutions, has launched its range of products in Pakistan. NC Inc., that has been appointed as Centerm’s regional distributor for Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, will be responsible for sales and after sales services in Pakistan.

Mr. Khawaja Samiullah Askari, CEO NC Inc. has said, ‘availability of latest Centerm thin client devices in Pakistan, the home users and organizations of all types can have access to the world class products for all their computing needs with much less operating expense than usual computers.’

He added further by saying that the thin client computing devices by CENTERM Information, is one of the top three Thin Client suppliers in the global market, are specially planned for home users and organizations to maximize operational efficiency, reduce costs, storage and energy consumption.

Centerm Staff Centerm_Low_Cost_Thin_Client_C13_Citrix

Centerm manufactures Cloud Client, Payment Terminals, Financial devices and Desktop cloud solutions. It has more than 50% market share in China and is the largest Thin Client supplier in South East Asia excluding Japan, CEO NC Inc., added while commenting on the product portfolio.


Khawaja Samiullah added further, After our partnership with Centerm, we are not only offering the most cost effective solution to our enterprise customers in Pakistan and the region but for the first time introducing the Cloud computing technology to the SME and the Home user market.

Usually thin clients are devices that are capable of doing any operation or computing task but they need to rely on a server for their computing and storage capabilities. Which means that you can have several dozen thin clients connected with one main server that performs all the computational and storage tasks, while clients are just dummy terminals used as nodes.

Anyhow, Centerm thin clients are stand alone computers that come with complete computing and storage abilities. Centerm claims that its thin clients comes with enough computing power to perform tasks such as recording transactions in a database, web browsing, checking and responding to emails, all office type work and can also be used as a personal computer for other regular everyday tasks.

A major benefit in Pakistan which is facing power crisis for a long time now, Centerm claims that its thin client devices use just 5 watts of electricity compared to around 200 watts or more for a typical PC.

Mr. Askari explained further that If an organization needs 200 computers their typical energy consumption for conventional desktop computers is 40,000 watts per hour or 40 units whereas 200 Centerm thin client devices will only use 1000 watts per hour or only 1 unit in comparison, which translates into savings of more than Rs. 700 per hour or more than Rs. 140,000 in monthly electricity bill for 8 hours daily usage, six days a week.


It also has some devices that run on Android platform, which is among the most popular and easiest operating systems. Its devices run on Citrix of VMware.

Price and Specs:

Centerm thin clients specifications can be checked from the url.

Centerm has said that it is in the process of price tagging its devices in Pakistan and this information will be shared when its ready. The prices will start from Rs. 15000 in Pakistan.

Financial Solutions by Centerm

In addition to that, Centerm makes Payment Terminals, Financial devices such as card readers of all types, high speed document scanners, branchless bank’s remote mobile banking terminal and self-service terminals, tablets & mobile device terminals along with the supporting software for the implementation of this technology.

It offers utilities payment, credit card repayment, mobile phone payment, ticket ordering, online`-shopping, charitable donation to the users. It has the most suitable and safest way of payment as it brings the point of sale (POS) to the consumer. Hand held portable device can be connected to a cell phone and provides the option of swiping one’s credit/debit card.

In the same way, its self help / branchless banking solution is another milestone offering in thin client technology and virtual technology with the minimum use of energy. It makes use of a device equipped with a display screen, biometric verification, scanners, camera, and more, which gives the user an option to perform different banking operations anywhere and anytime.

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