Ainak Wala Jin’s Character ‘Zakoota’ Needs You

The legend of Pakistan showbiz industry and famous character of Ainak Wala Jin – Zakoota Jin – is suffering from paralysis for past few years. Matloob-ur-Rehman alias Munna Lahori who earned fame by the name of Zakoota Jin is now days fighting with his physical and financial probelms.

The kids of 90s knows who was Zakkota Jin – Zeeminar…………. ! Mujhe Kaam Batao, Main Kya Karu, Mein Kis Ko KhaunA famous dialogue in the Pakistan showbiz industry.


The 62 years old Matloob-ur-Rehman is jobless and paralysis patient. Before illness he was forming minor roles in Al-Hamra Art Council and now he is unable to show his talent to earn for his life. Many a time he requested the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to allot a home to him in a residential area where at least he can spend his few year in peace and can live like human beings with his family.


Talking to the media his wife Rukhsana said that their eldest son works at Lahore Metro at Rs. 12,000/month. A check sometimes issued by the Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif and sometimes not. She said that Zakoota entertained you and now it is time to do for him as well.

Zakoota Needs A Home.


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