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Beaconhouse Film Festival 2015: A Short-Film Competition for all Students

(Last Updated On: 22/09/2015)

Beaconhouse is the one of the leading school in Pakistan, which aims to enhance hidden abilities of the students. They often come up with new initiatives; reaching new heights indeed.


The new initiative they have come up with is Beaconhouse Film Festival, a platform to show your inventiveness and filming sense. The winners of the show will be awarded handsome prize money.

Here is the brief information about the festival:

Eligibility: Students from any of the school are free to participate. The competition is held between the students in between 12-18 years of age.  The students are classified in the following group, respectively.

12-13 years   Beginners
14-15 years   Intermediate
16-18 years   Advanced

Time duration of  the film:
It will be short-film competition and will be max of seven (7) minutes including the titles and credits of the film.

To backup the maximum students cash award in various categories will be given.





Last Date of Submission:

Deadline for form and film submission is October 25,2015

Themes of the short-films

  • Geopolitics and Global Security
  • Art, Culture and learning
  • Media and Digital Technologies
  • Environment
  • Schools and Society

Jury and Results: The renowned filmmakers and media persons will be choosing the winners.

For Further queries: Beaconhouse Times

Beacon house have always been a remarkable institutes in producing some great minds in the field, established around 40 years ago have set a benchmark that can’t be approachable by any other institute in Pakistan. The notable graduates from Beaconhouse are serving in various fields, especially in extra-curricular activities.

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