Check Telenor Call History Records Online

By Abdul Hadi — Published on 14/05/2015

Subscribers of Telenor can now check their call history and other records via online WSS Portal of Telenor. The process is very simple. SIM holder of Telenor are require to Login with their mobile number.


WSS Portal of Telenor is a personalized secure, and hassle-free service that gives you complete control over your connection. All you have to do is create your login, after which you will be able to manage and customize your Telenor connection according to your needs.

WSS Portal gives you full control over your cell phone account and caters to all your needs to view and manage your account online. Moreover, you can subscribe or unsubscribe services, choose among different packages, get details of tariff plans and so much more.

Method 1

Click here to create your account: Register your account

Click here to login to: Telenor call history page

After sucessful login into system use following link view call records.



You Call Service center for further help.

Your Telenor online account gives you access to:

  1. Order tracking
  2. Single-click activation & deactivation
  3. Complete mobile usage details

Method 2

My Telenor App: Telenor provides a self-service app that allows customers to manage their accounts and access various services. Follow these steps to inquire about your call history using the Telenor self-service app:
a. Download the Telenor self-service app from the Google Play Store (for Android)

or the App Store (for iOS):

b. Install and open the app on your mobile device.
c. Log in using your Telenor mobile number and password.
d. Navigate to the “My Usage” or “My Account” section of the app.
e. Look for options related to call history or call details.
f. If available, you may find details such as recent call records, call durations, and timestamps.
g. If the call history information is not available in the app, you can use the app’s messaging or live chat feature to contact Telenor customer support and request the call history records.

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