Cordless Phones banned in Pakistan due to 3G Frequencies by PTA

Pakistan telecommunication Authority is working a drive to reduce the usage of cord-less phones as they affect 3G services in the country. Authority has named these cord-less phones illegal and also stated that no one should use them for their houses or offices.

PTA stated that these phones are generally dumped by European countries into places like Pakistan as they had started causing interruption in 1800Mhz band that run 3G services.

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Cordless phones produced in Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong and also Japan function in 1800Mhz band which is used by Pakistani telecom operators for 3G services.

Because of similar frequency these cord-less phones disrupt 3G services in places where they are used and cause really serious trouble for mobile users.

PTA stated that it’s Enforcement Division and zone offices in Muzaffarabad ,Karachi, Lahore, , Peshawar, Quetta as well as Rawalpindi have held many meetings with the authorities of FIA, Police, Chambers of Commerce, trade Unions, Importers, Suppliers and Retailers of telecom equipments in their particular zones to aware them about the problems caused by cord-less phones.

PTA has cautioned importers, suppliers, sellers and also users of cordless phones, to avoid from selling or using these phones otherwise legal action shall be taken towards them through Law Enforcement Agencies including FIA.

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