Earthquake in Pakistan: CCTV videos, homemade videos and pictures

(Last Updated On: 27/10/2015)

The horrific Earthquake struck  Afghanistan, Pakistan and also jolted some parts of India. The tragic disaster left huge causalities in Pakistan. The rescue operations are underway and high alert is imposed in many hospital countrywide.

According to the sources, 228 deaths countrywide have been reported and more than 1500 are reported injured. The maximum causalities took placed in KP province, in which alone 184 people died and more than 1400 wounded. Although these are the preliminary reports as many are getting medical aid and the rescue operation is ongoing.


Epicenter of the Earthquake : Hindu Kash Region in Afghanistan 265km NE of Afghanistan Federal Capital, Kabul.


Time: 02:10 Am October 26, 2015.


Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority



Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Control Room Helpline





Here we’ll show you the pictures and videos revolving on the Internet.

Warning: Some Viewers May Find This Content Disturbing.


Comparison between Earthquake 2005 and 2015

2005 VS 2015


Destruction in Jelar, Tehsil Wari, Dir Upper

2 Jelar




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