Eid-ul-Azha gift: WorldRemit money transfer launched in Pakistan

Written by Hamza
(Last Updated On: 23/09/2015)

The Award-winning innovative way of money transfer WorldRemit aka WhatsApp of money has today launched it remittances to Pakistan.

The introductory launch allows their customers having WorldRemit app from 52 countries to send remittances to all of the back accounts in Pakistan.

Pakistani country is all ready to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha and at meantime, inclusion of Worldremit  will work as icing on the cake. As following the tradition, gifts, money and other things are presented on the occasion to eachother.

As WorldRemit vows to provide its services with the lowest processing fees and guaranteed exchange rates, will be an eye catching option for the overseas Pakistanis who have to send money back home on the eve.

Report on Remittances by State Bank of Pakistan

In first three quarters of 2014-2015, $13.3 billion of remittance was sent by Pakistanis living abroad. And according to SBP, it marked a year on year increase of 15%.

Alix Murphy, senior mobile analyst at WorldRemit, comments: “For too long the Pakistani diaspora has had to deal with inconvenient and unnecessarily old-fashioned money transfer services. Using the WorldRemit app, Pakistanis abroad can now send money home just like an instant message.”

Alix Murphy, Senior Mobile Analyst at WorldRemit

Alix Murphy, Senior Mobile Analyst at WorldRemit

A little more about WorldRemit:

The app which let you send money just using a computer, smartphone or tablet was established in 2010. The initiative was upheld by Ismail Ahmad, who was studying MBA in London at that time and had to send money back in Africa. Although, he wasn’t pleased with the way; as he had to move across the city and needed an agent to send the money. The founder went on to change the old custom of sending money and came up with inventiveness in the field.

Salient features:

  • It’s easy-just open the app or visit the website- no more agents.
  • Transfer to most countries are instant-send money like an instant message.
  • More ways to receive (Mobile Money, bank transfer, cash pickup, and mobile airtme top-up).
  • Available in 52 countries and 125+ destinations.
  • WorldRemit raised $140M from Accel Partners and TCV- investors in Facebook, Spotify and Dropbox.

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