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Faiza Whitening Beauty Cream Side Effects with Ingredients

Written by Ali
(Last Updated On: 22/03/2015)

Formula Creams or five mix creams for whiting skin as well Scope of whiting cream in Pakistan increasing day by day. There are many companies making whiting creams also known as night creams, now companies started to make their cleansing milk and face wash as well. Famous creams of Pakistan are Fair & Lovely, Stillmen,s cream, Dove Beauty Cream, L’Oreal, Garnier Light Night Fairness Cream, Olay, Ponds, Royal Cream, Sandal Cream, Golden Pearl, Face fresh & Faiza Beauty cream.

Faiza Whiting Cream:

Every women and girl want to look fair or white, that’s why these creams getting fame Faiza Whiting cream is one of them. This cream remove Pimples, Dark circles , dead skin cells, blackness of the face. Faiza Beauty Cream is used for spotless, beautiful and white color Face. Within few days of usage, you will feel the difference.

How To Use:

Apply cream to face and massage through whole face covering dark spots areas. Under eyes, on forehead massage cream well. For good results apply two times a day.

Side Effects of Faiza Beauty Cream:

Every Beauty cream side effects depends on ingredients used in cream, your skin type, food, weather conditions, how much quantity you are using and when? Side effect of creams increase if you use it in front of heat like after using cream you go for cooking and sun heat also bad for skin.

Other side effect of this cream included mercury which is hell dangerous for skin, make skin layer thinner.

Faiza Beauty Cream Ingredients:

Faiza Beauty cream Ingredients.This beauty cream is not made by a very large group of companies or any multinational company but a local small business. Although you read some essential ingredients on packing of cream but not in detail. There are two ways to know exact amount and what ingredient are used is by examine the cream in any laboratory or company its self can unrevealed the truth. 


Faiza Beauty Cream Price

Faiza Beauty cream is No.1 in Pakistan and is also used in India, UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, UK and other countries. Faiza Beauty Cream with company sticker on it and its registered number is 242321. Faiza Beauty Cream Price in Pakistan is almost about Rs.200 to 235 for medium and large size packing.


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  • Pls don’t buy that cream it will ruin our face. I got damn pimples all over my face..pls dont kill ur skin by using that cream..

  • for God sake koi b pakistani whitning cream use na kare face fresh or faiza cream ki wjha s mra face khrb ho gya h pimples ki wjah s

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  • Faiza beauty cream Dunia ki sab se ghatia cream ha

    Dunia ki sab se gandi cream ha…is cream ki wja se meri zindagi barbaad ho gai is ko istemaal krne ka bad jab main ne is ko chora to meri skin tabah ho gai…main Ghar main band ho k reh gai.. bahar Nikal k logo ko aisa mun se jo pimples se bhaar ho jo baat baat full red ho jata ho to main kese Nikalti bhlaaaa plzzzzzzzz girls be aware from this bakwas cream Allah k waaste…

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