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Fiat might be choosing Pakistan as their next destination

(Last Updated On: 12/12/2015)

In an official meeting of Italian Ambassador to Pakistan Stefano Pontecorvo with Finance Minister of Pakistan, the Italian representative  signaled that Fiat Automobiles looking at Pakistan as next destination.

The meeting which was held to increase bilateral relations by increasing the mutual interests in field of trade and investment, also unveiled Italian Automobile’s company interest in Pakistani markets.

The Italian envoy also shared the reason behind Fiat eyeing Pakistan as their next destination, he told that: Pakistan provides significant trade links ranging from China in the east to Lebanon in the west in addition to the entire central Asian region.”

Fiat is one of the prestigious automobile brand across the globe, the Italian based Automobile company founded in 1899 goes on expanding.

One of the key reason among Fiat looking Pakistan as ext destination is plenty of access of cheap labor.

With both sides talking it seems that the meeting was fruit full and gestured the cooperation of both the countries in the field of trade and investment.

Ishaq Dar on his turn also assured full opportunity and incentives to Italian businessmen, as earlier Italian representative told about Italian businessman’ s arrival in Pakistn to increase contacts with Pakistani business community.

“We want to diversify our exports and want to find new partners for doing business. I believe that Pakistan really has a lot of potential to promote itself and Italy is one country which provides excellent business opportunities,” Dar further said.

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