Free Study in Germany; No Tuition Fee for Pakistani Students


Many Pakistani students have a dream to get the study from abroad, but most of them can’t do this because of the financial barrier. Most of the students apply for different scholarships, but only a few of them can get the scholarship to fulfill their dream. For all those students who are planning struggling for studying abroad, Germany may be the solution. Because all universities in Germany do not charge the tuition fee. In all universities and institutes of Germany, even the international students are being charged no tuition fee. You can complete your graduate and post-graduate degrees from Germany without paying tuition fee. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Director in Islamabad, Lars Bergmeyer said that all universities in Germany don’t charge any tuition fee to any students who want to get graduate and post-graduate degrees in Germany.


He was presenting at the Goethe-Institute which had opened its doors on Monday to students seeking admissions details for Master’s and Doctorate programs in Germany. In his presentation he said, “Germany is the center of Europe and also its economic and political center”. He also showed some glimpse of Germany culture like traditional dances, tourist spots and classical music which are common in Germany.

So, Germany is a best and perfect place to fulfill your dreams. Along with no tuition fee, there are also other benefits of studying in Germany. According to DAAD Director, students graduated from any institute of Germany will get following benefit and preference of:

  • Chances of getting hired in multinational companies as most of the companies prefer the students of German universities.
  • Quality of education in shape of research facility
  • Free study, no tuition fee throughout study term

According to DAAD director every student will be charged a few euro for transport and canteen subsidy. He said, “We have three types of institutes that offer courses in different faculties. Universities for technical education, those for applied sciences and colleges for arts, films, and music, which offer more than 18,700 courses countrywide. However, only 10 percent of these are offered in English”.


Requirements to apply in Germany

The application process is easy. The student who want to apply in Germany should do two things:

  1. Apply for Visa
  2. Create a blocked account

According to DAAD director:

“A certain amount must be put in the block account, which is 100 percent refundable and can be used to make withdrawals every month”.

Visa application

For Germany, Visa application is different for different programs. German visa counselor Klaus Reyl said, “You just have to come and show us the admission letter and open a block account while we will do the necessary paperwork”.

The visa request will be forward by the officials to the university or institute where the student has gotten admission and within a month an acceptance or rejection letter will be given by the officials.  “We provide the students the reasons why their visa application was rejected so they can fulfill the criteria and re-apply again,” he said.

German Visa Councilor has also cleared the confusion of the audience about the matter for blocked requirement, He said amount vary from public universities to private universities.  “A state university will charge 8,040 Euros while a private university can charge up to 20,000 Euros,” he said.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply in Germany, student has to clear the following tests:


The student should obtain minimum 6.0 band in IELTS and a minimum of 550 points PBT or 213 points CBT for TOEFL.

Bergmeyer said, “Learning the German language is not necessary if you are opting for any course in English”. But when you know the English it would be helpful for you to communicate with people in the country. He said that there are some scholarships, but those are only for Ph.D. programmes.


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