HEC Equivalence Criteria and Procedure

(Last Updated On: 02/08/2015)

Equivalence Degree Issuance services are provided by Higher Education Commission (HEC). We require these services when we have either got a foreign degree from international institute or some other local degree that is not recognized in all disciplines equally. Equivalence degree is issued which is accepted and recognized by all institutes and disciplines unanimously. HEC issues degree starting from bachelors level while secondary level degrees are issued by local board offices. You can get equivalence of both general educational degrees and deeni asnaad.

HEC Equivalence Procedure:

You are required to fill form to apply for equivalence degree issuance. Form E_01 is available if you want equivalence of your general educational degree and form E_02 for Deeni Asnaad. Forms are available on HEC website. After completely filling the forms you may send your complete application addressing the Director General (A&A), Higher Education Commission, Sector H-9, Islamabad, (Tel: No. + 92(051) 90400917, 90400913, 90400912, Fax: +92(051) 90400902.

HEC Equivalence Documents required:

You are required to submit the following documents along with form:

  1. Attested copy of your all certificates/degrees in translated form.
  2. Attested copy and original degree/certificate obtained from abroad along with attested translation.
  3. Photocopy of transcript year-wised.
  4. Registration proof for degree (admission form etc).
  5. Printed/photocopy of syllabus from official record of institution regarding degree.
  6. Thesis copy for research degree.
  7. Evidence of completion of studies in abroad (Passport entry exits etc).
  8. Study-leave order (for in-service employees).
  9. Proof of scholarship (for scholarship holders).
  10. certificate related to previous studies.
  11. Copy of CNIC.
  12. Bio-data indicating specifically the period of study spent abroad.
  13. Fee (non-refundable).

HEC Equivalence Charges:

Bachelors, Bachelor (Hons)/Masters:

For Local Degree the charges are Rs. 1500 and for Foreign degree its Rs. 5000.

M.Sc (Hons)/M.S/M.Phil. or equivalent:

For Local Degree the charges are Rs. 2000 and for Foreign degree its Rs. 5000.

Ph.D. or equivalent:

For Local Degree the charges are Rs. 2000 and for Foreign degree its Rs. 5000.

Fee of Duplicate equivalence Letter:

For Local Degree the charges are Rs. 300 and for Foreign degree its Rs. 300.


  • agar local degree m.phill ho to as me bhe m.phii equvilance ke zrorat hey aur university HEC sa recognized ho

  • please reply my quries if your degree title is clearly mentioned on your degree and university is recognized from HEC.Have any need to get equvilance oget equvilance of M.phill degree

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