Homeshopping.pk to launch White Friday Deals in Pakistan from 27-30 November


The buzz about Black Friday’s arrival is all over in Pakistan, as we earlier told you that this would be the very first time when the discounted deals will be available in Pakistan. Previously, there were no special discounts on the day which is celebrated all across the globe and many of the leading brands shorten the prices of their products as this day is the busiest shopping day of the year.


This year the day will be celebrated on 27th November, as it is the next day to the Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated on fourth Thursday of the November.

Pakistanis were quite unfamiliar with Black Friday discount packages but this time Daraz e-retailer decided to introduce this shopping festival among Pakistanis. After that another famous online retailer, Kaymu.pk also decided to launch this initiative in Pakistan. With Keeping an eye on it, people were going impatient to grab the opportunity.

6 days to catch the exciting discounted packages, amid all this another known E-marketplace stepped in but with the different idea.

Apart from the cultural diversity of Pakistan, Friday is recognized as the King of the weekdays and the day is also celebrated with religious solemnity as Jumah prayers(Friday prayers) are also offered on the same day. And gatherings or functions are specially organized on the day.


And in our local mindsets a Black Friday might be the day of demise or grief as Black is the color here used for mourning and showing sadness.

Keeping all this in view, Homeshopping.pk introduced the new term for the day in Pakistan ‘White Friday’, whose discounted offers will be lasting from 27th November to 30th November.

Homeshopping.pk vows to provide up to 70% discount on various items and intends to introduce the real deals to the Pakistani markets from the US and will not be coming up with the leftovers of the vendors.

What products will be available on White Friday?

(From the official Homeshopping.com)-Expect to find the best deals and discounts on mobile phones, Computers and Laptops, home entertainment, clothing, fashion accessories, watches, perfumes, home appliances, kitchen equipment, and a whole bunch of other product categories. If you are planning on picking up gifts for your loved ones or treating yourselves, White Friday may be your best chance at striking awesome deals on some of the best brands.

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