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How to Contact Prime Minister of Pakistan Office and Email Address

(Last Updated On: 14/12/2015)

You will never find a phone number or any kind of contact number of the present Prime Minister of Pakistan. Those websites showing contact number of incumbent Prime Minister of Pakistan are showing fake information. Although, there is record of phone number (PTCL and even mobile number) of every Member of National Assembly on the official website of National Assembly of Pakistan and Member Provincial Assembly in the website of their respective Provincial Assemblies, but you will never find any kind of contact number of the ongoing Prime Minister of Pakistan on any official website.

Only two contact information of ongoing Prime Minister of Pakistan is available publicly. It is the email address and official living address.


Here is the contact information of the ongoing Prime Minister of Pakistan where you can send your feedback, queries, and suggestions to below given email address:

Prime Minister of Pakistan Email ID: [email protected]

Prime Minister of Pakistan Address: Prime Minister’s Office, Islamabad

If anybody want to personally contact the current Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif then here is the second contact for that.

House # 20-H, Street # 10, F-8/3 Islamabad.


Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is the current and 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan. He assumed the office of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on June 5, 2013. He was preceded by Mir. Hazar Khan Khoso (acting Prime Minister). He belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League and, in fact, the president of PML as well that is currently the largest political party in Pakistan and has formed the government. He is also the owner of Ittefaq Group and being a business tycoon, he is also one of the Pakistan’s wealthiest people. His followers called him the ‘Lion of the Punjab’ as well.


  1. Sir me khan pur dictric rahim yar khan Punjab ka hou hamary sath police K dsp Sb bahooot ziadti kar raha hy plz notice ly arjently Koi team begy ic ka Sara kacha chatha Sammy Ajay ga plz arjently jaldi Koch kary ****3945584

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  3. Sir I write a letter behalf of me please I request you imran Khan Saab you have to shut closing the ittefaq hospital. Hospital surgical ICU stuff kill my father he was died he was brain havrige patient now please you have to close the proper shut down the hospital for ever now please

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    urs shahzadgulzar ch sandhu jutt
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  5. khan muhammad

    Sir honorable imran khan
    I Beg to state Iam khan muhammad as employee work charge water sewerage system
    sir my requested to u i do service since 2012 continue till now
    our department not paying salary since 03 months and also not do regular us
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  6. At least update the info about the Prime Minister

  7. Mohamed S Mokiem

    Asselamu Alaikum. Dear Sir, I’m a born sunni muslim with Dual Nationality(Dutch and Australian). Currently living in Australia and holding dual citizenship (The Netherlands and Australian). I would like to become a Pakistani Citizen and I was wondering what is the process of becoming a Pakistani Citizen including my wife and 2 children. I would like to migrate to Pakistan to live and work there if possible. Please advise accordingly?

  8. shahid sheikh

    Some Idea for the Prime Minister of Pakistan:

    When you want vote, you have to go public. They give vote and you become prime minister. Now to fix the country you need money. Ask the people again to give you the money to fix the country.

    Prime Minister should create a national campaign to ask THE people to donate to a special DEBT account from where all debt will be paid off in SIX months. Just like he asked for Vote.


    PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN CAN DONATE $30 BILLION DOLLARS TO THE GOVERNMENT IN ONE MONTH. All is the initiative needed by the New Prime Minister how to handle that money properly without corruption. And pay of foreign debt.

    PAKISTAN SHOULD NOT RUN AFTER MONEY FROM ANY COUNTRY. New Prime Minister should ask people to donate billions of Dallas to the Government to pay off the DEBT. Ask your own people for money. Rich and poor all should contribute to the better of the country. PEOPLE HAS MONEY. They are ready to give.



  9. Gulgoon Khattak

    salam dear respected sir i want to make you informed of a situation at khyber teaching hospital [MTI KTH] Peshawar KPK. As my mother is a dialysis patient from last 5 years in last week on thursday there was some problem in solution for dialysis not only my mother but every patient there at dialysis unit was vomiting and were crying badly due to their worst condition nobody was not taking any action the technicians were only starring at patients and as a result the patients left their dialysis incomplete due to that incomplete dialysis last night means yesterday we send again our patient for attending complete dialysis as one thing i must say that the concerned staff of dialysis unit is too rude we completed all the formalities per routine but the technicians on duty refused to attend the patient and said that we can not wait till completion of dialysis we were there from noon 4 o clock and due to our requests finally the technicians of next shift started dialysis when we informed the the MD Dr. Muqim when he came after taking their class they made it sure to us that they will be there for completion of dialysis then after some time we received a call from incharge of dialysis unit named Dr. amir azhar he got hypered on us and said do not try to threat us otherwise we will not help you for the next time and he was talking so rudely that you you people can not force us for work and its KPK so what sir if it is KPK they will let patients die??? For their this behaviour its not the first time they always do the same and always show rudeness to patients as you know very well that for a dialysis patient the dialysis is a sort of life for them i request you to take immediate action thanks.

  10. Haji muhammad javed

    Respected sir.AOA.I am a retired officer of WAPDA .on the day u were busy in oath taking ceremony 18.8.2018 your g.m hrd pepco was busy promoting different catagory of officers in islamabad.that was a holiday day but he was so interested to promote his own officers .why he was in so hurry to promote them,ALLAH better knows.but what happend with my promotion that i know.i was also one to b promoted but i was dropped.but why?.i m not begging but it was my due right.i m an old man of 64 years.please do help me.as i have supported all pti candidates during 2018 election as well as in 2013. i m from peshawar city and a supported your vision of new pakistan.my address is as.house no 44 street 3 safdar town gulbahar no 4 peshawar city.cell ****5929568,****3334457.
    please stop the orders of all those who were promoted by G.M.HRD PEPCO AND INQUIRE THE MATTER HOW HE SIT IN ISLAMABAD AND PROMOTE THE OFFICERS ON SATURDAY 18.8.2018.

  11. Asalam alykum sir A O A sir I have a many complain but I share to you one complain sir my brother is a international fighter he is a verey sharf fighter but no one given by the support why whats the reason I don’t no sir please first you cheaked my brother how is he telented then you do action name Is Abdullah Haiderzai
    and contact number is that 03158212800

  12. Dear respected PM
    I m from muzaffar garh
    Sir muzaffar garh manshyat froshi aur croption ka ghar hai aur yahan sod khor bhi bahut hen koi action leny wala nahi hai police bhi monthly wali hai agr mujhy khufya rakha jay tu

  13. M. Y. Chaudhry


  14. Sardar Ali Dharejo

    Dear Prime Minister,

    I live in Dubai since 15 years and always heard about overseas Pakistani rights. I would like to request to allow us to export car for our home because in Pakistan cars are very expensive. we are sending billions of dollars to our country so kindly allow us to export car for home use only. In Dubai old model cars are cheap and good conditions. we cant afford tp buy new car in pakistan .i hope you will think on our request

  15. Respected sir,
    Here is farzana kausar again from overseas of pakistan before also I wrote letter to you regarding that dealer did fraud with me of bahria town here is application number is rc-4/27/2018-3379 mean just little refer you case I took plot 10 marla bahria town I purchased through him and he came to my house with malik majeed told please purchase the plot at bahria education medical city I don’t want to purchase but he forced me by saying sister and he showed me plot at B block facing park and gave me at C block ordinary plot at bahria education medical city means sir there was different rate between block B facing park and C block, a common plot and dealer did fraud from twelve lack and all teams are involved including bahria town staff before I also informed you and also giving threading to me and my children’s and even police was not taking action on them an giving them support. So with this reason I email to you before and police have replied to me and said we have receive and application from some organization of Pakistan and we definitely give you justifies through your emailed which they got to police with some hope and support and thanks you very much sir for your support and for your loving reply sir when you called and gave application to raiwind police station then it’s all credit form your organization sir. Sir I am overseas of Pakistan and I am a handworker women and my children’s depends on me police was not giving me justified but with the your help they had listen but did not gave me fully justified sir when you called or pass application forward to raiwind police station they called me and they called to property dealer also respected SHO Shielh Akmal had called them and listen both party and property dealer asgher, Malik Majeed, some two people of pmnl came and owner of property office Mr. rana he did not came but they came and listen the all party and property dealer asgher and majeed and pmnl peoples had said and agreed they did mistake and respected SHO sheikh akmal had confirmed that property dealer is guilty and did mistake and asgher ali and majeed has agreed and said it is my mistake I well clear it take back plot and give back them money back to them. So SHO sheikh akmal said ok give them back money and take back your plot which you did fraud of twelve lack showed b block facing park and gave them to C block ordinary plot. They property dealer said asgher ali and malik majeed said ok we well take back plot and give them back money I was agreed and SHO shiekh akmal has passed case with some ASI at raiwind police station and property dealer had said total was 30 lacks property dealer said please leave us 1 lacks so I left them 1 lack because problem should be solve through police police gave me advise so I left property dealer and police told me they need two months time total payment 29 lacks and 10 thousand only on another day asgher ali and majeed came and zia also came at police station they gave me 50000 cash and took sign at letter pad of their office at police station in front of police officer and said at another day we well give you 50000 and I was waiting another day they well give me 50000 more as advance when time came the party asgher ali did not came he sent his people malik majeed and Zia and property owner rana had came and sawed and said your problems had been solved and he went now malik majeed and Zia was at police station they came with 50000 and also with some document with stamp duty paper for sigh and police ASI also there in raiwind police station they gave me 50000 and they took sigh at stamp duty paper at raiwind police station in front of police officer ASI. Sir before that I sawed that stamp duty paper was not registered and they just told to sigh not thump impression I told to police of asi that not thump impression and stamp paper is not registered police asi just said me story that you are at raiwind police station we are the witness in front of us you are receiving the money total 1 lacks and no need thank god that we are solving your issue so I agreed with them and taught thank god the problems had been solved and took time for two months means 25 June 2018 is time is over. I have attached the documents all which they have taken sign from me in front of police station with police officer. Sir again got fraud from Pakistan sir I am overseas women and police and property dealer also again fraud with me I told you the reason again repeating it that they took sign at letter pad of their office and also stamp duty paper in front of police office at raiwind police station I told to police that stamp paper is not registered but he said you problems is solved thank god and don’t worry I am here but you problems well be solved but sir now the time had been over and my problems is not solved when I called them dealer had been giving me threading again asger ali, malik majeed, zia and owner of office Mr. rana and their and two more here is people name sir time is over and they are giving me threading and police officer is not receiving my phone sir I need justified and I am women with three children’s and police did not gave me justified and they did fraud and took my money and please give me justified so that’s why I again mailed to you so please with humble kindly request reply me and give me justifies an take very strictly action on police and on these fraud people who did fraud with me sir I need justifies and want to inform you that also they are giving me thread to me and my children’s which I have told you before and our life is in dangerous through them here is name Zia, Mr. rana, malik majeed, asgher ali, their and two peoples more so please take action on them with very strictly on these people and I we’ll wait for your reply and please make correct like this police so that every person get justified and no one dealer do fraud with any which I have got fraud through them sir it well be pleasure and kindly request I don’t know the way so this reason I have mailed to you need justifies and take strike action on them kindly request I we’ll wait for your reply. I’m oppressed woman. If police don’t listen to me than I seek justices from your organization.

    Farzana kausar
    House 15 m7 lake city near raiwind road lahore

  16. muhammad ammar jabbar

    Respected sir, A.O.A..!!!1
    prime minister of Pakistan. sir i really need your help.My father had died before 21 years and my mother is house wife.I’m living in khushab.My name is Muhammad ammar jabbar and i’m the student of master. I have a property and also have a solid proof ” the registry of the shop”.My uncle very cruel and many time drubbed my mother and sisters.he had Land Encroachment on our shop after the death of my father. the police and judge is not ready to listen us and also i can not do anything because people need money and i haven’t nothing. my study is continue because of HEC scholarship and some tutions . sir cause is countine in juharabad and uncle goes to judge next date …next date and so on..sir i have 5 sisters and one brother and my no. is fifth . plz do some thing. we can bear this dubbed any more. plz help us.
    contact # ****701****
    Address# muhallaha farooqabad khushab,khushab

  17. muhammad ammar jabbar

    Respected sir, A.O.A..!!!1
    prime minister of Pakistan. sir i really need your help.My father had died before 21 years and my mother is house wife.I’m living in khushab.My name is Muhammad ammar jabbar and i’m the student of master. I have a property and also have a solid proof ” the registry of the shop”.My uncle very cruel and many time drubbed my mother and sisters.he had Land Encroachment on our shop after the death of my father. the police and judge is not ready to listen us and also i can not do anything because people need money and i haven’t nothing. my study is continue because of HEC scholarship and some tutions . sir cause is countine in juharabad and uncle goes to judge next date …next date and so on..sir i have 5 sisters and one brother and my no. is fifth . plz do some thing. we can bear this dubbed any more. plz help us.

  18. qazi muhammad masood

    Respected Sir,
    It is brought to your kind notice as I have already discussed your kind honour on telephone. The electricity cemented poll of our street was broken due to tractor trolley strike, the tractor/trolley driver also belongs to this area named Muhammad Ashfaq S/O Ghulam Ali, Madina Basti Bikhari Kalaun Tehsil & District Chakwal (near Shah Zaib CNG main Talagang Road Bikhari Kalaun). Our area electricity was off for 24 hours. Our peoples also approach to SDO office Bhagwal Tehsil & District Chakwal, I also appreciate your electricity team who came on the spot and temporarily support the Poll for the time being.

    It is also requested that please take serious action against the guilty person so that in future such practice will not be repeated please.

    It is therefore specially requested on human compassionate grounds that the new electricity poll may kindly be fixed in lieu of old poll in our street.

    In this regard your quick action will be highly appreciated please.

    May Allah be pleased with you.

    This email was twice sent to CEO IESCO but no action has been taken till now. Therefore kindly help us in issuance of one cemented poll for District chakwal (Punjab) as requested above in mail.


    Qazi Muhammad Masood
    Coordinator Finance
    Training Administration
    PTCL Headquarters Islamabad

  19. Social Shahzad

    Sir I am doing govt job but it is not according to my qualification. Please provide me job fufiling my higher education.

  20. Arif Uddin Khalil

    Respected Honourable Janab Secretary to President / Prime Minister of Pakistan,

    to write to
    Lt.Gen.(Ret’)Muzammil Hussain Chairman WAPDA
    or .
    Brig.(Ret’d) Najam us Saqib
    GM Admn WAPDA Lahore

    to issue appointment order for a Clerk post to a Engineering Degree Holder (Arif uddin Khalil) as he is passed NTS Test, Passed interview, recommended by the committee & approved by the Chief Engineer (Hydel) North WAPDA Warsak Dam & also approved by G.M.Hydel Opr. WAPDA Lahore.

    Detail of Appeal/application already submitted to the following, as detailed beliw:-
    1) Chairman WAPDA
    2) Member (Power)
    3) Wafaqi Muhtasib
    4) GM (HRD)
    5) GM Admn WAPDA

    I have passed Degree of B Sc Engineering in Computer System Engineering) from UET Peshawar with courses of CCNA, CMSC, CPD, SCADA PLC System, Internship in PTCL.

    I am jobless from last 4 years due to Non approach.

    I was submitted thousands of applications in different Departments & passed many NTS/PTS/OTS Tests but Failed in Interview due to Non-approach.

    I want any job of any low grade job of BPS-7 to 15 in any Department at Peshawar.

    Please help me in arranging any job in any Department at Peshawar.
    Whole our family will pray dua to you & your family.


    please help me in the Appeal to WAPDA as under:-

    Against WAPDA open advertisement through NTS for different categories of posts. I was also applied for a post of “Senior Clerk” BPS-11 post at WAPDA Warsak Dam wherein

    i was passed top NTS test & also passed 100% successfully interviewed to all the 3 Members of the Committee. The Committee recommended my name for the post.

    My case was therefore recommended by Chief Engineer Hydel North WAPDA Warsak Dam for appointment.

    My case was Approved by G.M Hydel Operation WAPDA House Lahore for issuing appointment order.

    but NOW
    at the end another selection committee headed by G.M. HRD & G.M. (C&M) WAPDA Lahore rejecting my case on the grounds that WAPDA have No valid Contract with NTS.

    Whereas it is brought to your kind notice that through the same open advertisement & same NTS Advertisement certain categories of posts, appointment orders were issued & also of the same tenure/period appointment orders issued to those NTS pass holders (115 Engineers).

    BUT now recommending my case for re-advertisement through PTS again which is unlawful unjustice,

    I therefore request your kind honour for giving me my due rights.

    Can your goodself write to :-

    Lt. Gen. (Rt’d) Mr. Muzammil Hussain Chairman WAPDA Lahore


    Brig. Muhammad Najam us Saqib,
    GM Admn WAPDA House Lahore

    Or G.M. (C&M) WAPDA House Lahore

    to review my case for issuing of appointment Order as Senior Clerk at WAPDA Warsak Dam.

    Best Regards

    Arif Uddin Khalil,
    S/o Siraj Udfin Khalil
    Village Palosi Maghdarzai,
    P. O Peshawar University,
    Peshawar Pakistan .
    Cell ***3139092739
    E-mail. [email protected]*********

  21. hello Web.pk
    please update your website.
    your information about prime minister of pakistan is totally wrong.. now days the prime minister is Shahid Khaqan Abbassi.

  22. A.O.A
    Dear sir,
    Main aj aik akhri omeed sy ye bt ap sy kah rha hn k shyd ap mere help kr sky ma aik bht e gareeb family sy belong rakhta hn or mery parents ny bht e mushkil sy mjy Graduation krai or mazdeed pasy na Hony ki waja sy ma next apna master ni kr ska or jobs ki talash ma lag gia ma ny 2012 ma graduation complete ki the or 2016 ma jaa k mjy job mili In Automation project of CDNS phase II jo k September 2017 ma complete kr dia gia or next phase III aik private company ko theeka dy k next automation ka kraya jaa rha hy or x-employee ko ni lia gia ma ap sy ye kahta chahta hn k hr department ny apny phase k completion k bd ye posts development budget sy non development ma coverts kr de hain lakin CDNS ny ye posts converts ni ki mere ab age tkreban 25 plus ho chuki hy bht mushkil or struggle sy ye job mili the or ab ye b khtm ho gae hy ab last five month sy ma job search kr rha hn lakin abhi tk nakam rha hn mere ap sy request hy k ap is masly ma mere help krain plz plz ap is mamly ma mere help krain Him sb I.T team ny mehnat kr k is department ko computerized kraya is omeed sy k hmy regular kr dia jay ga lakin regular hna to door hmy job sy e bahar kr dia gia or hamre sub future planing ko Matti ma mila dia gia

  23. A.o.a sir Qasim Naveed 2 din se ghar s lapata hain or kamaliya police kuc nahi ker rahi bat tak nahi sun rahi plzzz humeri help kery

  24. A.O.A Respected sir i am so worried because my elder brother die in road accident and 2 littel sis have physically week. I am jobless cannot sport our family. My qulification is Masters. Plese Sir i am hopeful, and i request for u please give me good job, help me and me family.Me & my family bundle of thanks for u and prayer for u. Again i request u sir

  25. Malik Safdar Ali

    Malik Safdar Ali multan pk ****6337879

  26. Mahnoor Aqeel.

    Asslam o Alaikum…
    Me Mahnoor Aqeel bat kr rhi hn Burewala se i need your help …
    Mery papa ji heart k patient hain unko 2 mrtaba attack ho chuka h or hum rent k ghr main reh rhy hain mera koi bara bhai b nhi h jo hmry ghr ka bajat utha sky me 1st year main study kr rhi hn meri prhai ka kharcha boht ziada hy So ap se guzarish h k plz hmry help krain Shukriya…

  27. Aoa
    Respected my dear sir I want to met you.
    kindly sir give me a chance because its my wish.if U will meet me its your really favour on me nd my family.
    am in wait of ur reply

    • Muhammad Irfan Khan

      بخدمت جناب عمران خان صاحب (وزیراعظم اِسلامی جمہوریہ پاکستان)

      جناب عالی!

      مودبانہ گزارش ہے کہ میںدونوں ٹانگوں سے معذور ہوں۔غریب گھرانے سے تعلق رکھتا ہوں۔ والدین کا اکلوتا بیٹا ہوں۔ بوڑھے والدین ہیں۔ والدہ صاحبہ شوگر کی مریضہ ہیں۔ میں راولپنڈی مریڑ چوک، پرنٹنگ پریس میں کمپیوٹر آپریٹر کی جاب کرتا ہوں لیکن تنخواہ بہت کم ہے۔ جس سے گزر بسر مشکل سے ہوتی ہے۔میرا تعلق گائوں سریلہ ڈاکخانہ جھنگڑا تحصیل حویلیاںضلع ایبٹ آباد سے ہے۔ تقریباً پانچ سال سے راولپنڈی بہن کے گھر روزگار کے سلسلے میں والدین اور بیوی بچوں سے دُوررہ رہا ہوں۔ بہن کابھی اپنا گھر نہیں ہے ۔ ریٹائرڈ بریگیڈئیر صاـحب کے گھر بہنوئی ملازمت کرتے ہیں ۔انہوں نے عارضی رہائش دی ہوئی ہے۔میری جو گائوں میں جائیدادہے وہ میرے کسی کام کی نہیں۔ بنجر زمین ہے۔ دشوار گزار علاقہ ہے ۔جب کبھی مجھے جانا پڑتا ہے والدین اور بیوی بچوں کے پاس تو معذوری کی بنا پرآنے جانے میں بہت تکلیف ہوتی ہے۔ وہاں پہ روزگار بھی کوئی نہیں ہے اورپڑوس بھی اچھا نہیں ہے۔ میں معذور آدمی ہوں۔ابھی تو والدین زندہ ہیں۔ بعد میں میرے لیے بہت مشکل ہو گی جائیداد کی دیکھ بھال کرنااور وہاں پہ زندگی گزارنا۔ مجھے روزگار کے سلسلے میں کہیں شہر میں ہی رہنا پڑے گا۔ لہٰذا آپ سے نہایت ادب سے التماس ہے کہ میری جو گائوں میں جائیداد ہے وہاں حکومت ہسپتال، سکول یا کھیل کا میدان جو مناسب سمجھے بنا لے۔ اُس کے بدلے مجھے شہر میں جائیداد اور گھر تعمیر کرکے دے یا حکومت جو پچاس لاکھ مکانات تعمیر کرے گی اُن میں سے مجھے بھی کہیں راولپنڈی، اِسلام آباد میں تقریباً پانچ مرلے کا گھر بنا کر دے دیا جائے اور مجھے معذورں کے کوٹہ پہ نوکری بھی دی جائے۔میں نے معذوروں کے کوٹہ پہ نوکری کے لیے کافی جگہ اپلائی کیا ہے لیکن کہیں بھی گورنمنٹ نوکری نہیں مل سکی۔ معذور افراد کا کوٹہ بھی سرکاری ملازمتوں میں بہت کم ہے اور نوکریاں آتی بھی بہت کم ہیں۔معذور افراد کا گورنمنٹ ملازمتوں میںکوٹہ بڑھایا جائے تاکہ کوئی معذور بغیر گورنمنٹ ملازمت کے نہ رہے۔جو بھی اُس کے متعلقہ ملازمت ہو اُسے دی جائے۔ آپ کی گورنمنٹ پہ بہت سی توقعات ہیں۔ آپ کی گورنمنٹ آئی ہے تو غریبوں کے لیے اُمید کی ایک کرن روشن ہوئی ہے۔ میں آپ کی سلامتی اور ترقی کے لیے ہمیشہ دعا گو رہوں گااوریہ آپ کا مجھ ناچیزپر احسانِ عظیم ہو گا۔


      محمد عرفان خان ولد عدالت خان
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