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How to get Six Pack Abs: A complete guide for you

(Last Updated On: 10/10/2015)

Hundreds of thousands want it; more than 80% end without having it. The reason behind it is the commitment and effort level different trainers owe from you, so you could get the most awaited and wanted ‘Six Pack Abs’.

The training level and work on heavy machines made you bruised at the end of the day, I think you need something easy and more efficient so you could confidently take your shirt off, and show your sizzling body to the entire world.

Here are some of the top exercises, which will give you rapid six packs but before that some ‘healthy wealthy’ suggestions from my side.

Quality of Life is better than Quantity of Life: While doing Abs workout, you need to interpret the mentioned phrase as ‘doing exercise properly is better rather than doing improper exercise over hours’. And one thing more you don’t need to miss your daily meals to get Abs, you need an adequate diet.

Highlights of the exercises:

Superman Pushups: This exercise can be performed in various ways but the video at the end of description of exercises will be telling you the most efficient way (my opinion). At the start of this exercise you will be having some high level pain at your belly as this tells that your belly fat is burning. It is pertinent to mention here, you have to organize time for the exercise, estimation won’t be working in the matter.

Superman 2

Starfish Crunch: This exercise seems easy but check it out again in slow motion, you will really recall that how difficult it is perform this accurately. When going down, while performing this exercise, you don’t need to touch your neck to the floor; you simply have to balance yourself.


Spiderman Plank: This is little similar to the Superman Pushups but to me this look little easy than it. While performing this exercise your angles should be exact as mention in the video.


Windshield Wipers: This essentially flattens your belly and gives you a slimmer waist. In this you have to perform 2 to three steps to make it right on the board. Make sure that you do them properly as doing it excessive times or doing it in improper way can cause serious damage.




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