Media and Celebrities Who are in Hit List Of Terrorist

Written by Alison Johnson
(Last Updated On: 10/10/2015)

Office of the Deputy Inspector General of Police, South Zone, Karachi has discovered a potential target list bearing names of persons belonging to Pakistani media, for example well known anchor persons, fashion designers, showbiz celebrities and also person working in NGOs getting international links. The office has released the threat alert to all person whom they’ve found on the list.
Based on the news release, the purpose of the target killing is their liberal way of thinking as well as living; and to really damage the fabric of society as a whole. “On the other hand, target killing of such celebrities is to gain widespread popularity of their popular activities,” the declaration added.

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Here are the names included in terrorists target list launched by police;

Fashion Designers:

1- Ather Shehzad

2- Tariq Amin

3- HSY

4- Navid Rashid (Tony)

5- Khawar Riaz

NGO Workers:

1- Muhammad Jibran Nasir

Showbiz Personalities:

1- Shamoon Abbasi (Actor-Director)

2- Ahmad Butt (Husband of Humera Arshad)

3- Abdullah Ejaz

4- Babloo (Makeup artist)

5- Eraj (Model)

6- Huma Khawaja (Singer)

7- Ali Saleem (Begum Nawazish)

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