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HUM TV Website Hacked for Showing Vulgarity in Dramas

(Last Updated On: 06/09/2015)

Pakistani hackers team named Pakistani Cyber Attackers have hacked the official website of HUM TV on Defense Day for continuously showing vulgar dramas and spreading vulgarity across the country.

After hacking the website, they displayed the message as “we noticed that from previous ten years media of Pakistan fastly spreading vulgarity and Nudity in Pakistan. Some local TV channels are spreading vulgarity. These channels are spreading anti-Pakistan propaganda. Morning shows have become shows of debauchery, vulgarity & immorality. This kind of vulgarity, debauchery and semi-nudity must be curbed by playing dramas, morning shows, commercial ads, music programmes and even in funning dramas day bay day increasing vulgar and nudity scenes.HUM_TV

The hackers then updated their status on Facebook timeline.hackers

The hackers also warned the PEMRA and reminded them the institute its job. The message was: “It seems that the PEMRA is only name & nothing, their role is deaf & blind. Where is PEMRA? Why PEMRA not banning those kinds of program in Pakistan. PEMRA must take strict action against those & their programs should be strictly stop from telecasting.”

However, no kind of negation has been made by HUN TV, however, currently the main page of the site is offline but with the help of CloudFlare (that protects the websites online from being hacking) and that the users will be served the live version as soon as the sites comes back.hack 2






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