Islamabad Traffic Police to Collect Challan Payment through Mobile Phone

Written by Abdul Hadi
(Last Updated On: 10/11/2015)

The Capital Police has planned to collect the challan payment of violators via mobile phone. For this purpose the development of a computer application is in–process in collaboration with National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Ufone. This will make the process of challan payment easier and simpler for both violators and collection authorities.

The process is very simple. In case of violation of any traffic rule, the violators will get the message about their violation and the fined amount. The message send by the concern officer will be automatically saved in the database of NBP and Islamabad Traffic Police. Now the violator has to move to Upaisa shop and has to pay the fined amount via UPaisa money transfer. The amount will automatically transfer into the NBP account of ITP and the violator will get the record of payment as well.

At first stage, the payment system is being launched for UPaisa, however, later on the payment system will be extended to easy paisa, mobi cash, and other mobile paisa mode of transaction.

This new facility would result in reduction of harassment for both drivers and law enforcement institute. One of the major beneficiary of this system will be outstation vehicle owners as they will be able to pay challan at nearby Upaisa shop. Moreover, it will reduce the burden of traffic police and courts.

Meanwhile, ITP is not the only one to use the user-friendly policies. In past, Lahore Traffic Police and Rawalpindi Traffic Police have taken such kind of measurements. LTP is planning to introduce E-Ticketing system while RTP is planning to launch a touch screen system for conducting driving licence test.

This new system will gradually reduce the old system of challan books that is also promoting the culture of collecting money under the table. The Capital city requires such kind of pure and clean system that should result in the effectiveness of the institute and also bring relief for the citizens as well.

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