List of Software Houses in Lahore


A Software house is an organization that works on the software development. They develop new software, provide IT solution. If talk about IT sector of Pakistan then Pakistan is doing well in this field. Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore are most popular cities of Pakistan where there are dozens of software houses. Following are the some popualr software houses in the heart of Pakistan.


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1. .7Vals

They work on software development  & technology and provide software services.

2. AbacusConsulting

They work upon software development, Business management & transformation, IT solutions ERP consulting and provide software services.

3. ABM INFO TECH (Private) Limited

Software development company along with providing IT solutions and software services.

4. AGCN Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd

AGCN Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd provide consultancy for strategy and provide solution for communication systems, security and surveillance.

5. APEX Consulting Pakistan

They provide human capital solutions, software services and social media marketing.

6. Application Management Outsourcing Services (AMOS) Global (Pvt.) Ltd

They provide services in data quality control, data applications and competitive analytic.



ARBISOFT (PRIVATE) LTD is a software development company. They provide IT solutions.

8. Arwen Tech (Pvt.) Limited

They provide IT solution and application development.

9. AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited

They develop software products and application development.

10. Avanceon

Avanceon is a software company providing software services.

11. Avanza Solutions (Pvt.)Ltd

They work on application development.

12. AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd

AZM Computer Services (Pvt.) Ltd is a software development company with multi dimensional other services.

13. Bahria Enterprise Systems & Technologies (BEST)

Bahria Enterprise Systems & Technologies (BEST) provide IT solutions and software development.

14. BizSoft Technologies

BizSoft Technologies deals with IT soultions, Business management system, software development and services.

15. Brain Logix

Brain Logix is software house providing IT solutions, business intelligence, software services and application development.

16. CIKLUM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd

CIKLUM Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd is software development company providing IT solutions and software services.

17. COMSATS Internet Services

COMSATS Internet Services is a software house deals in IT solutions, business management, software development and services.

18. Comstar- Information Systems Association Ltd

Comstar- Information Systems Association Ltd deals in E commerce, IT solutions, software products and services.

19. Confiz

Confiz is a software development company.

10. Conard Labs 

Conard Labs is an application development, game development and software development company.

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