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Online Recharge Via Credit and Debit Cards By Zong

(Last Updated On: 02/09/2015)

Zong consumers can now load their own account balance with debit and credit cards. With this facility, all Zong consumers – both prepaid as well as postpaid – will be able to clear their own dues or even load balance into their company accounts via debit or credit cards from any place in the world.

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How to Recharge Zong Account On-line?
1. Choose your account type: Pre-paid or even Postpaid
2. Fill in the needed information
3. Simply click on Recharge
4. On next page, type your credit card details and click submit
5. That is it.

Please note that max amount that can be transacted against anyone Zong number in any 24 hour period is Rs. 2,000 for Pre-paid and also Rs. 5,000 for Post-paid.

In case of any problems, contact your helpline numbers.

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  1. Why there is no facility of online recharge?

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