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Pakistan Food Festival 2015 By FoodPanda.Pk

(Last Updated On: 13/05/2015)

Food panda is an online application by having that in mobiles, androids and other devices one can enjoy a meal at its doorstep. Food panda is delivering its services in 40 countries of the world. It’s quite simple to use this app one has to find the nearby food offering restaurant and then to select the desired food from a long list of menus and then to enjoy it after paying .So, we can consider this without any offense that Food Panda is the Pakistan’s largest online food point. One can get further information through foodpanda.pk.

Foodpanda is currently launching the Food Festival in Pakistan. This will be the week long event right from 11May-17May.This event will offer more than 50 discounted deals from more than 1000 restaurants around the Pakistan.


Co-Managing director of FoodPanda on announcing this great event pointed out that they will present a bigger and better event this time with improved services in a unique way. As digital food festivals are very less in trend here in Pakistan so this will be something different for a public. He was very optimistic about this food festival as according to him this event will be beyond deals and discounts this time.

Pakistan Food Festival 2015 is the upcoming eighth event out of different food related events arranged in Pakistan.Previous food related events by the FoodPanda were:

  • The Great Karachi Pizza Festival
  • The Nationwide Fast Food Festival
  • The New Year Carnival Best of 2014
  • Food Jazba.


Food jazba was basically the food event inspired by the recent World Cup.

Ahsan Mateen Co-MD also added his words about this event.He said that this event will be the testimony of their profound services especially in two senses.

  1. By presenting the food in innovative online form.
  2. Delivery of the best product for which the customers are paying to them.

Well-known restaurants from different cities of Pakistan are participating in this festival. Names of some registered restaurants are:

  • KFC
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • 14th Street Pizza
  • Red Apple
  • New York Pizza
  • Subway
  • Golden Dragon
  • Broadway Pizza

All those restaurants who have an interest can also join this event by downloading food panda application in their mobiles, ios, androids and window phones.

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