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“Pakistan Haxors Crew” hacks Zong’s Official Site

(Last Updated On: 18/08/2015)

Pakistani hackers known as “Pakistan Haxors Crew” hacked the Zong’s official website . Hackers instead of defacing main page of website, hackers inserted an html on zong’s server.

Hackers have not mentioned any reason behind hacking. Perhaps they hacked the website to prove that Zong’s web security is low. Hackers Haxors Crew has already hacked websites of many of the Pakistan’s high value groups including Geo TV, ARY TV and PTV. They have not only hacked Pakistani websites, but they hacked many of the Indian high-value websites including “Indian Railways”, Sun TV, Jaya TV and Tamilnadu.

Zong’s website is hacked but still it is not confirmed that either the Zong’s customer data is dumped or not.

Here is the Zong’s page: https://www.zong.com.pk/X

Screen Shot of Official Page of Zong Website is below:


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