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PASHA ICT Awards 2015 – Complete List of Winners

(Last Updated On: 14/10/2015)

To empower the global innovation in technology, Pakistan Software Houses Association (PASHA) for IT & ITES arranged an award ceremony at Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore. The events was organised by PASHA in collaboration with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). The other sponsors of the PASHA ICT 2015 Awards were Ministry of Information Technology, PSEB, DPL, Systems Limited and Telenor Apps.

The sole aim of the ceremony was to highlight the achievements of Pakistanis in Pak-ICT industry and to recognize the efforts of the achievers. Most of the competitors was from Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Mianwali and Peshawar.12088046_1053425328031309_5288410453900702117_n

According to the Chairman of PASHA Mr Syed Ahmad, CEO of DPL,

“The key idea behind holding these awards every year is to give our companies a platform to showcase their talent and innovation, and provide them a chance to gain local, regional and international exposure. At the end of the day, it’s all about promoting growth and excellence in the IT sector and establish Pakistan’s stature as a hub of creativity and innovation.”

What is for the winners?

The winners of the PASHA ICT Awards 2015 will receive the following benefits:

  • Rights to use the PASHA ICT Awards logo
  • Promotion of their products on PASHA website and at any local and regional events that PASHA participates in
  • Focused promotion of their products in collateral produced by PASHA.
  • Recognition given to winners
  • An opportunity for the winning companies from the product categories to represent Pakistan at the Asia Pacific ICT awards (APICTA) and other international forums.
  • An opportunity to establish networks and create business alliances to collaborate with the participating companies
  • Exposure to investment opportunities, venture capitalists and investors.12107052_10154308985397222_2572720000514502520_n

Product Categories 

Best in Government & Public Sector

Company: RAR MultiBiz Services (Pvt.) Ltd

Product: CMIS

Website: www.multibizservices.com 

Best in Application Tools & Platforms

Company: Wavetech FZCO

Product: Opinion Plus

Website: www.wavetec.com

Best in Health and Well Being

Company: CASE / NUST College of EME

Product: AL-BASR

Website: www.case.edu.pk

Best in E-inclusion and Community

Company: Evamp & Saanga

Product: Mobile Audio Streaming Service

Website: www.evampsaanga.com

Best in E-Learning

Company: Arbisoft

Product: Play Physics

Website: www.arbisoft.com

Best in E-Logistics and Supply Chain

Company: Efrotech Services

Product: BizzTrax

Website: www.efrotech.com

Best in Sustainability & Environment Technology

Company: XGear (Pvt.) Ltd.

Product: XGear – Drive Smart

Website: www.xgear.io

Best in Financial Industry Application

Company: AutoSoft Dynamics (Pvt.) Limited

Product: AutoBANKER

Website: www.autosoftdynamics.com

Best in Industrial Application

Company: Evamp & Saanga

Product: Telecom On-Device-Portal (ODP)

Website: www.evampsaanga.com

Best in Research & Development

Company: TunaCode Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Undersea Enhancer

Website: www.tunacode.com

Best in Security Application

Company: BurqStream Technologies

Product: SecureVideo

Website: www.burqstream.com

Best Startup

Company: Ingrain (Pvt.) Ltd.

Product: Ingrain


Best Tertiary Student Project

Company: Indus Valley School of Art & Architecture

Product: Whisper O

Website: www.whispero.io

Best in Tourism & Hospitality

Company: Wavetec FZCO

Product: Vendi

Website: www.wavetec.com

Best School Project

Company: Teddict

Website: www.teddict.com12072650_1053447214695787_3527261238987584367_n

Service Categories


Best in Animation 

Company: WeRPlay

Product: Run Sheeda Run

Website: www.werplay.com

Best in Mobile Application

Company: Avanza Solutions

Product: Proximate

Website: www.avanzasolutions.com

Best in BPO 

Company: Systems Limited

Website: www.systemsltd.com

Best in Brand Development

Company: Invest2Innovate

Website: www.invest2innovate.com

Best in Gender Diversity

Company: WeRPlay

Website: www.werplay.com

Best in HR Excellence

Company: Systems Limited

Website: www.systemsltd.com

Best in Managed Services

Company: Monet (Pvt.) Ltd

Website: www.monet-online.com

Best in Project Management

Company: TPS Pvt. Ltd.

Product: Ooredoo Payment Gateway Project

Website: www.tpsonline.com

Best in Service Innovation

Company: UBL Fund Managers

Website: http://www.ublfunds.com

Best in Social Media (IT Company)

Company: Bramerz Private Limited

Website: www.bramerz.pk

Best in Export Growth

Company: Systems Limited

Website: www.systemsltd.com

CIO of the Year (Private Sector)

Company: Muhammad Rehan Qadri, CIO UBL Fund Managers

Website: http://www.ublfunds.com12088091_1053426394697869_8784362178100150553_n

PASHA ICT Awards 2015 Full Categories:

Entries for PASHA ICT Awards 2015 were received in 17 Product Categories and 15 Service Categories that are as follows.

PASHA ICT Awards 2015 Product Categories:

  1. Tourism & Hospitality
  2. Tools & Infrastructure
  3. Tertiary Student Project
  4. Startup Company
  5. Security Application
  6. Secondary Student Project
  7. Research & Development
  8. New Media & Entertainment
  9. Industrial Application
  10. Green & Sustainable IT
  11. Financial Industry Application
  12. E-Logistic & Supply Chain Management
  13. E-Inclusion & E-Community
  14. E-Health
  15. E-Learning
  16. E-Government
  17. Communications12072640_10156126536010626_7805499942143565610_n

PASHA ICT Awards 2015 Service Categories:

  1. CIO of the Year (Public Sector)
  2. Best in Social Media (Non IT Company)
  3. Best in Social Media (IT Company)
  4. Best in Service innovation
  5. Best in Project Management
  6. Best in Managed Services
  7. Best in Mobile Applications
  8. Best in HR Excellence
  9. Best in Gender Diversity
  10. CIO of the Year (Private Sector)
  11. Best in Export Growth
  12. Best in CSR
  13. Best in Brand Development
  14. Best in BPO
  15. Best in Animation

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